• CUPE 3903: Rally for Public Education

    For the second time in three years, CUPE 3903 has been forced to go on strike. To express our collective resolve, CUPE 3903 is calling for a rally and march to oppose attacks on public education by this anti-worker, anti-student provincial government. Recorded in front of the Ministry of Labour in Toronto, 9 April 2018.
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  • Solidarity rally with striking YorkU and UofT workers

    CUPE 3902, representing 8000 educational workers at the University of Toronto went on strike on March 2nd, 2015. weareuoft.ca (On March 26, the union members voted to go to arbitration.) CUPE 3903, representing about 3700 education workers at York University, went on strike on March 3rd, 2015. betteryork.ca (On March 31, the union members ratified … Watch video »

  • Solidarity with CUPE 3902 and 3903

    Toronto — 6 March 2015. Solidarity rally was held on the grounds of the University of Toronto with the striking members of CUPE 3902 and support from Canadian Federation of Students (CFS-Ontario), U of T Students’ Union, CUPE 3903 and others. #WeAreUofT Protect tuition indexation at York University, with strike captain Jen Cypher of CUPE … Watch video »

  • Young Workers and Union Organizing: CUPE and Unionizing at Carleton University

    It is no secret that the conditions for young workers are deteriorating. Many are not only struggling to keep up with rent increases and the cost of living but are also lumbered with overwhelming student debt. The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) states that it recognizes young workers as especially vulnerable to exploitation as … Keep reading »

  • Mayor Ford versus CUPE Locals 79 and 416: Some Thoughts on Strategy

    As the Canadian government and its provincial equivalents take part in the global push for austerity, its after effects have significantly strained the fiscal and political dimensions of municipal governance. More than a year after right-wing populism swept through the City of Toronto, the agenda of the Rob Ford Administration has shown itself to be … Keep reading »

  • CUPE National: Move Your War Room To Toronto Now

    Toronto — 11 December 2011. In 1981, Ronald Reagan took on and smashed PATCO, the Air Traffic Controllers. The American labour movement expressed outrage but did nothing. This sealed the fate of American workers for over three decades. Toronto’s mayor, Rob Ford, has declared war on city-workers. He intends to smash unions. This is our … Watch video »

  • Lessons Learned: Assessing the 2009 City of Toronto Strike

    When word came that the 39-day strike by CUPE Locals 79 and 416 had come to an end, the immediate question on most members’ minds was “Did we win?” The information gap between rank and file members and the union executive was so large that many strikers were unaware of why exactly they were on … Keep reading »

  • The Toronto ‘Garbage Strike’ and the Critique of Ideology

    After six months of contract negotiations with the City of Toronto, union members of CUPE locals 79 (representing inside workers) and 416 (representing outside workers) went on strike on June 22nd, 2009. Twenty-four thousand city workers walked off the job to fight demands from ‘cash-strapped’ city management, which is asking city workers to make concessions … Keep reading »

  • The Toronto Municipal Strike: Who Do We Get Mad At?

    Public sector strikes are frustrating to both the public and the strikers. The public is upset with losing daily services they have come to depend on, while the strikers are upset with the apparent lack of respect for the work they do. Though the attitudes of the public may not be decisive, they are increasingly … Keep reading »

  • Managing the Crisis in Toronto: Class Power and Striking City Workers

    After six months of negotiations without a contract and little movement during collective bargaining, City of Toronto workers in CUPE Locals 79 and 416 went on strike on June 22. Local 79 is the largest municipal local in Canada, with a membership of 18,000 although various contingent, seasonal and part-time workers push estimates of membership … Keep reading »

  • The Windsor CUPE Strike: Implications for the Labour Movement and the Left

    Negotiations are scheduled to resume on Thursday, July 9th, between Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 82 (outside workers) and Local 543 (inside workers) and the City of Windsor. Local 82 has been on strike since April 15th. Local 543 joined the picket lines a few days later. The strike continued much longer than … Keep reading »

  • Class consciousness is knowing which side of the fence you are on. Class analysis is figuring out who is there with you.

    Support CUPE 79 and 416 Toronto City Workers on Strike

    CUPE workers at the City of Toronto are now into their second week of a strike. They are holding the line against the drive by government and business employers demanding concessions and wage rollbacks. The employers are telling workers they should pay for the economic crisis of capitalism. This is an important struggle for the … Keep reading »