• What Emergency? An Assessment of Toronto’s 2008 Transit Strike

    Last weekend’s two-day transit strike in Toronto raises anew and in starker terms two issues of longstanding concern to the labour movement in this city and throughout the province. First, the unprecedented rapidity with which the city sought back-to-work legislation, and the similarly expeditious and unanimous passage of this legislation by all parties of the … Keep reading »

  • The Poverty of Ontario’s Liberals: The 2008 Budget

    The 2008 Ontario budget is a particularly revealing political statement. Until now, the McGuinty Liberals have had a comparatively stable economy to contend with. Year after year since 2003, they have been able to very modestly expand public spending. How times change. The crisis within the manufacturing sector has deepened and now threatens to spill … Keep reading »

  • Budget 2008: Taxes and the Forward March of Neoliberalism

    Budgets are fundamentally political instruments. They reflect clearly who in society is winning, who is losing, and who is left standing still. They are a kind of political scoreboard. Canada’s 2008 Federal Budget, introduced by the minority Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper on February 26th, clearly states that if you work for a … Keep reading »

  • Ontario and the Funding of Religious Schools

    In what might turn to be the defining issue of the Ontario provincial election set for October 10, Conservative leader John Tory proposed that faith-based schools be fully funded. In a province that already funds Catholic schools through the high school years. The Tories are claiming the mantle of ‘fairness’ by extending funding to other … Keep reading »

  • The Harper Government: Toward A New Social Order?

    The election of Stephen Harper’s Conservative government on January 23, 2006 has significantly shifted the terms of the social policy debate ni Canada. While in some respects the Harper government represents a continuation of the market-based neoliberal trajectory that has been set over the last 20 some years, in other respects it represents a turn … Keep reading »

  • A Real Alternative: The Canadian Election and Childcare Policy

    It’s a good thing that childcare has become a key issue in this Federal election campaign. Canadians need a well-developed network of early learning and childcare programs. It begins to recognise that childcare represents a good investment in our future, establishing strong foundations for lifelong learning. More importantly, a good early learning and care system … Keep reading »

  • Whose Healthcare?

    Challenging the Corporate Struggle to Rule Our System Hugh Armstrong, et al. Most Canadians reject a private health care system that is driven by the accumulation of profit, that limits people’s access to the size of their wallets and provides health in exchange for the risk of financial debt. Affordable public health care – for one’s own … Keep reading »