• Putting the U.S. Economic Crisis in Perspective

    It is time to take stock. The centrality of the American economy to the capitalist world – which now literally does encompass the whole world – has spread the financial crisis that began in the U.S. housing market around the globe. And the economic recession which that financial crisis has triggered in the U.S. now … Keep reading »

  • Canadian Workers in Support of Bolivia and Morales

    In recent months, the process of democratic renewal and indigenous liberation in Bolivia, headed by president Evo Morales, has come under violent assault from rightist forces aligned with the U.S. government. Physical disruption of Bolivia’s Constituent Assembly prevented it from meeting for several months. Now that the Assembly has presented its proposed new constitution for … Keep reading »

  • Turkey into the Vortex of the Iraq Quagmire

    Another breach in U.S. policy A new dimension of immense importance is being added to the contradictions of U.S. policy in Iraq and the Middle East at large. Turkey, a staunch U.S. ally for over half a century and a NATO member, is threatening to militarily intervene in Northern Iraq, i.e. Iraqi Kurdistan. A resolution was … Keep reading »

  • COSATU Open Letter in Support of CUPE Resolution

    The passing of a resolution on 27 May 2006 by the Ontario Division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees in support of the Palestinian peoples has sparked a great deal of notice across the North American labour movement, and, indeed, the international labour movement. Resolution 50 clearly states the case for Israel as an … Keep reading »

  • Palestine, Israeli Apartheid and the Canadian State

    Canada has a long and inglorious history of supporting the Israeli occupation of Palestine. This has included the indirect support of Canadians furthering the illegal colonial settlements in the Occupied Territories. Under the governments of Paul Martin and Stephen Harper, Canada has been further aligning its Middle East policies, particularly with respect to Israel, with … Keep reading »

  • The End of a Political Fiction?

    Hamas’s landslide victory in the January 25 elections for the 132-seat Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) is an unprecedented turning point for politics in both Palestine and the broader Middle East. Arguably for the first time since the establishment of Israel in 1948, an official administrative power in the West Bank and Gaza Strip has strong … Keep reading »

  • The Anti-semitism of Iran’s President

    Stupidity or Deliberate Strategy? Since the death of Ayatollah Khomeini in 1989, Western governments became somewhat accustomed to the conciliatory gestures of both the Rafsanjani and Khatami administrations. The overtly hostile message and aggressive tone coming from Tehran these days therefore seems a bit surprising. Iran’s president Mahmood Ahmadinejad’s remarks describing the Holocaust as ‘a myth’ … Keep reading »