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  • CUPE ‘Boycott Israel’ Debate Rages On

    As trade union and community activists, socialists and officials in our respective union organizations, we strongly support the recent Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Ontario resolution supporting the international Boycott Israel campaign. The resolution criticises Israel’s continuing occupation of Palestinian territory, characterising it as “apartheid.” It calls on the union to develop an education … Keep reading »

  • Canadian Union Takes Important Step Against Israeli Apartheid

    At the annual convention of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Ontario, held 24-27 May 2006 in Ottawa, the union passed a resolution of historic importance. Resolution 50 – adopted unanimously by the 900 delegates at the largest convention in the union’s history – expressed support for the global campaign against Israeli apartheid. The … Keep reading »

  • Québec Debates: Tories’ Move to Prolong Afghanistan Intervention

    The moment of truth arrives today for the Bloc Québécois, and for those on the left who have pledged their support to its strategy of shoring up Harper’s minority government. It comes in the form of the debate in Parliament scheduled for this evening on extending the Canadian mission in Afghanistan for another two years … Keep reading »

  • Figuring out and Fighting Harper

    The January 2006 Federal election results in Canada unexpectedly yielded a minority Conservative Government. The ‘great moving right show’ is having yet another run. In Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Canada now has the most ideologically committed neoliberal in power since Margaret Thatcher. The five priorities Harper has announced – an accountability package; a cut in … Keep reading »

  • A Real Alternative: The Canadian Election and Childcare Policy

    It’s a good thing that childcare has become a key issue in this Federal election campaign. Canadians need a well-developed network of early learning and childcare programs. It begins to recognise that childcare represents a good investment in our future, establishing strong foundations for lifelong learning. More importantly, a good early learning and care system … Keep reading »

  • This Election will Not End the Impasse of Canadian Democracy

    By a margin of 171 to 133, the united parliamentary forces of the Conservatives, Bloc Quebecois and New Democratic Party felled the federal Liberal Government of Paul Martin at 7:09 pm of November 28 on a motion which simply read “This House has lost confidence in the government.” Thus the 38th Parliament of Canada ended. … Keep reading »

  • The French Riots and Canada

    The fires lighting up the nights of the suburbs of France over the last month have stripped even more gloss off the already tarnished ideology of neoliberalism. Against the alleged ‘harmonies of the market’ producing benefits for all, the seething outrages of the excluded and the marginalized from market society now need to be even … Keep reading »

  • PQ’s rightward shift opens space for new left party in Quebec

    Ten years after the 1995 Quebec referendum on sovereignty, with its razor-thin victory for the No side, and 25 years since the first referendum, mass media and academics alike have been immersed lately in speculation on the likely result of a third such vote, which could occur as early as 2007. This is not an … Keep reading »