Tag: Transit

  • The New Struggle for Public Transit

    Lessons from the Plundering of the London Underground As we in Canada (and especially Toronto) face the painful and seemingly never-ending process of developing actual projects for public transit expansion, the drumbeat of calls for privatization in its various forms is inescapably present. Indeed, there is a failure even to fund properly the existing public transit … Keep reading »

  • “Não Nos Representam!” — A Left Beyond the Workers Party?

    Introduction: The Limits of a Good Idea It started as a good idea. Rather than taking the path of the old Latin American left, in the form of the guerrilla movement, or the Stalinist party, Brazil’s Workers’ Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores, PT), aided by strong union and social movements, decided to try something new. The challenge … Keep reading »

  • Brazil: Private Transit, Public Protests

    São Paulo has some of the worst traffic in the world. Workers’ daily commutes can be over two hours – one way – without ever leaving the city. Rain or traffic accidents can easily increase a commute to over four hours. Streets become so congested during peak hours of traffic that the local news stations … Keep reading »