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  • Sneak peek: Patreon-exclusive segment on public transit w/ Benjamin Bilgen

    We continue talking with the Toronto-based independent journalist Benjamin Bilgen about public transit. In this segment we compare our experiences using transit in Toronto with transit systems elsewhere. Listen to audio »

  • Policing Public Transit in Toronto

    We talk to independent journalist Benjamin Bilgen about how the campaign violates the TTC’s own video recording policy, and we get in to chatting about transit enforcement more generally. Listen to audio »

  • The Subway Belongs to Us

    The tracks that hold New York together also trace out the political victory of its rulers. What would it look like to reclaim the subway? Keep reading »

  • Organizing Beyond Ford: Action Keele Bus Riders’ Campaign

    The 41 Keele bus route wound its way north through the city long before Doug Ford came to reign over our province. It will continue long after he is out of office. The bus goes from Pioneer Village Station to Keele Station and is ranked among the five worst performing routes by the Toronto Transit … Keep reading »

  • The Summer of Fear for New York Subway Riders

    After months of increasing delays at all times of the day and night, a series of incidents have now raised an even more urgent question: about the daily safety for those who ride and work on New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). On July 17, the Monday morning commute ground to a halt for … Keep reading »

  • Allies at Every Stop: Organizing Passengers and Building Power

    The essential training for understanding what is at stake for transit unions, learning how to mobilize their members and riders, and learning how to mount campaigns to save jobs and the transit systems that our communities depend on. These two videos are sections of a two-part on-line training course, produced by the International ATU, for … Watch video »

  • Free Public Transit

    Public transit lies at the intersection of several critical social struggles today. Affordable (or free) public transit is an important mechanism for redistribution, and particularly targets low income women and people of colour. A central component of public policies to address climate change must be mass expenditures on public transit to reduce reliance on private … Watch video »

  • Public Transit Struggles in London and Toronto

    Toronto — 9 August 2015. A forum to discuss the struggles over public transit in London, England and in Toronto, over P3s, privatization, funding public transit, and posing alternatives, such as reduced fares, free transit and increased accessibility. We are at a turning point in the struggle for public transit, particularly in Toronto. Although we … Watch video »

  • Bus Stewards Win More Routes Through Alliance with Riders

    New York City transit workers ran a winning campaign when we turned to community organizing in our fight against cuts in service. The cuts to bus service were severe: 38 routes eliminated and 76 with shorter routes or shorter hours. Transport Workers Union (TWU) Local 100 fought the Metropolitan Transportation Authority every step of the … Keep reading »

  • NO Fare IS Fair

    Toronto — 2 October 2010. Start of the campaign to win free and accessible transit for the GTA. A project of the Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly. Also, view the “The Workers’ Assembly Theme Song” improvised by Rambunctious. Free Transit wiki “Free Transit” music video by Charnie Guettel. Scottish Socialist Party: Free Public Transport video Free … Watch video »