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  • Zelaya: Open Letter to the American People

    People of the United States: For the past century, the owners of the fruit companies called our country “Banana Republic” and characterized our politicians as “cheaper than a mule” (as in the infamous Rolston letter). Honduras, a dignified nation, has had the misfortune of having a ruling class lacking in ethical principles that kowtows to … Keep reading »

  • Canada Must Stop Support to Honduras Regime following Botched Election

    In the chaos following national elections in Honduras on November 26, Canadian authorities must take a strong public stand and forcibly denounce evidence of electoral fraud and violent repression of public protests. Across Honduras, tens of thousands of people have been demonstrating their discontent over evidence of electoral fraud by the government-controlled electoral tribunal. As … Keep reading »

  • Canada and Honduras: Election Fraud is Only the Latest Outrage in Eight Year Nightmare

    The dictatorship that rules Honduras is in the process of stealing another election, and the Canadian government is doing precisely what it has done the last two times the Honduran dictatorship stole an election: nothing. Actually, to say Canada is doing nothing is far too generous. In fact, Canada has been arguably the biggest supporter … Keep reading »

  • The New (Canadian) Imperialism, in Honduras – An interview with Tyler Shipley

    Tanner Mirrlees interviews Tyler Shipley about Ottawa and Empire: Canada and the Military Coup in Honduras (Between the Lines, 2017). They discuss pertinent topics such as: the meaning of Canadian imperialism, the Canadian State’s coercive and persuasive power, the gap between Canadian foreign policy words and deeds, Canada’s foreign policy ideologies, the Canadian news media, pedagogy, … Keep reading »

  • Ottawa and Empire

    A Review of Tyler Shipley’s Ottawa and Empire

    Stories about Canada’s role in the world define “who Canadians are” and “who they are not.” The story that gets told most is a positive one. Canada, benign and benevolent, promotes free markets, democracy and multiculturalism while protecting peace, stability and human rights in each country it engages in or does business with. Optimistic and … Keep reading »

  • Soccer, Imperialism, and Resistance in Honduras

    Never let them tell you it’s ‘just a game.’ Much is on the line, as the Canadian and Honduran national soccer teams prepare for their World Cup Qualifying match on June 12 in Toronto, but the real stories that animate this match are taking place a long way from BMO Field. Just ask Honduras’ most … Keep reading »

  • Harper in Honduras: Left Solidarity and the Future of Coup Resistance

    It must have been a struggle for Honduran coup-President Porfirio ‘Pepe’ Lobo to keep a straight face during his recent press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on August 12, 2011. After all, even Lobo’s supporters have never gone so far as to claim – as Harper inexplicably did – that the man who … Keep reading »

  • The Cartagena Accord: A Step Forward for Canada in Honduras

    Honduras entered a new political phase on May 28 with the return of exiled former President Manuel Zelaya. His repatriation followed the signing of the Cartagena Accord between Zelaya, Honduran strongman Porfirio “Pepe” Lobo, and the governments of Colombia and Venezuela. From the vantage point of Canadian imperialism – a major external force in Honduras … Keep reading »

  • Honduras: The Coup That Never Happened

    “When the media goes quiet, the walls speak.” — graffiti in Tegucigalpa. What strikes a visitor to the Honduran capital most immediately in this moment is the degree to which the social and political conflict that has erupted since the golpe de estado (coup d’etat) on June 28th is actually written on the walls, the … Keep reading »