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  • The Neoliberal University

    Opposition grows to performance-based funding model for post-secondary education in Ontario Announced in the Ontario Budget, the Ford government’s reckless new market-based approach to funding postsecondary education will fundamentally compromise the integrity of Ontario’s higher education system. This alarming shift in education funding will create greater inequity, hurt students, and threaten the quality of education in … Keep reading »

  • Fordism and Ontario Universities: College “For the People” Who Can Pay

    In 2011, The Quebec Liberal government of Jean Charest decided to hike post-secondary school tuition fees by 75 per cent over a five-year period. This move mobilized students across Quebec and by 2012 a demonstration in Montreal brought out between 100,000 and 200,000 people. About 310,000 out of a total 400,000 students across the province … Keep reading »

  • Austerity and University Education w/ Alan Sears and Jessica Ireland

    Episode 1: University education in Canada is becoming increasingly necessary and, at the same time, increasingly difficult to access. Listen to audio »

  • A New Strategy for Higher Education

    In the British Labour Party’s 2017 election manifesto, the pledges to abolish university tuition fees and reintroduce maintenance grants were widely seen as vote winners, but that was the extent of the party’s policy commitments toward the sector. Since the election, Labour has supported staff and students in challenging the yawning gap between highly-paid vice-chancellors … Keep reading »

  • Henry Giroux – Higher Education and the Plague of Authoritarianism

    Toronto – 26 October 2017 Higher education in our politically desperate age is threatened by a legacy that it does not dare to name and that legacy with its eerie resonance with an authoritarian past asserts itself, in part, with the claim that education is failing. The Trump administration needs education to fail in a … Watch video »

  • Militant Hope in the Age of Trump

    The United States stands at the endpoint of a long series of attacks on democracy, and the choices faced by the American public today point to the divide between those who are committed to democracy and those who are not. Debates over whether Donald Trump was a fascist or Hillary Clinton was a right-wing warmonger … Keep reading »

  • Protesting the Capitalist University

    The University of Manitoba is on strike. Since 1st November, more than 1,200 faculty members took to the picket line to protest the lack of funding for education, a need for workload protection and safeguarding for fairer tenure and promotion procedures, in addition to addressing several job security issues for instructors and librarians. Author of … Keep reading »

  • Austerity U: Preparing Students for Precarious Lives

    Almost everywhere you look around the world, policy-makers are introducing big changes to university systems and pondering deeper transformation. It isn’t surprising that these changes take different forms on campuses in countries as different as Canada, Britain, the United States, Chile, Greece, and India, but there are also important common themes in the change agenda … Keep reading »

  • Student Debt and the American Dream

    This interview is part of a larger piece on the student debt crisis in America the author wrote as an assignment for one of his classes at the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University. The piece offers a longform, narrative, character-driven tale of three indebted students and how being in debt jeopardizes their personal … Keep reading »

  • The Bipartisan Assault on Higher Education

    Barack Obama and Republican Party Presidential nominee Mitt Romney agree that the Stafford loan program should be maintained at a 3.4 per cent interest rate, rather than being allowed to double by this July. This, somehow, is seen as a great boon to students and evidence of a bipartisan commitment to the upcoming generation. Keeping … Keep reading »

  • Austerity in the Mind Factory

    Educational struggles are breaking out all over. In March 2012, over 200,000 Quebec students are waging a general strike against tuition increases and have faced brutal police repression. British Columbia teachers just finished a three-day strike against an austerity budget and are set to engage in further strike action. Teacher collective bargaining seems to be … Keep reading »

  • Demanding the Impossible: Struggles for the Future of Post-Secondary Education

    There is growing acknowledgement emerging from student and faculty associations across Canada that there is a crisis in post-secondary education and a need for real change in the structure of university funding. This has manifested as a proliferation of student and worker unrest across the country and, indeed, the world; in 2008 and early 2009, … Keep reading »