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  • The Long Coup in Ecuador

    Elected on a progressive platform, the Moreno government has resorted to the politicization of justice and the militarization of politics to repress its former allies and constituents. Keep reading »

  • Indigenous Rising in Ecuador and International Solidarity

    After 11 days of an indigenous-led national general strike and state repression, an agreement was achieved by both parties on the night of October 13th #SOSEcuador Keep reading »

  • Chevron, Corporations and the Law Versus Life and Lives

    The decision in Yaiguaje v. Chevron Corporation by the Ontario Court of Appeal denied justice owed to some 30,000 Ecuadorian people grievously harmed by profiteering oil companies. The story is an example of how the routine application of formality in law, accompanied by the pulverization of the dispute’s setting, is designed to benefit the truly … Keep reading »

  • Is South America’s ‘Progressive Cycle’ At an End?

    In this ambitious and compelling overview of the strategic and programmatic issues at stake in South America today, Argentine political economist Claudio Katz expands on many of the observations he made in an earlier interview while critically analyzing contrasting approaches to development that are being pursued or proposed. Translation from the Spanish and endnotes are … Keep reading »

  • The Distinguishing Features of Latin America’s New Left In Power

    The Governments Of Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales And Rafael Correa Most political analysts place the governments of Hugo Chávez (Venezuela), Evo Morales (Bolivia) and Rafael Correa (Ecuador) in the same category but without defining their common characteristics. Beginning with the publication of Leftovers in 2008, critics of the left sought to overcome the shortcoming by characterizing … Keep reading »

  • Ecuador and Venezuela: Danger South of the Border

    It is not difficult to see that the events of September 30, in the Latin American country of Ecuador, amounted to an attempted right-wing coup d’état. Mass mobilizations in the streets and plazas of Quito (the capital) and other cities – in conjunction with action by sections of the armed forces which stayed loyal to … Keep reading »

  • Indigenous Struggle, Ecology, and Capitalist Resource Extraction in Ecuador

    An Interview with Marlon Santi On July 5, I sat down with Marlon Santi, President of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE), in his office in Quito. We discussed the increasing contradictions between the demands of the indigenous movement, on the one hand, around water rights and anti-mining resistance, and the positions of the … Keep reading »

  • Ecuadorians Vote for Systemic Change

    The Bullet here presents three reports on the election on Ecuador which now appears as another turn to the left. This would make for an important axis of Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador pressing beyond the social democratic governments of the southern cone. The return of the Sandinistas to power in Nicaragua also needs noting. … Keep reading »