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  • How Did Socialists Respond to the Advent of Fascism?

    The following talk was given on 21 July 2018 to a two-day seminar at York University entitled “Historical perspectives on united fronts against fascism and the far right.” The framework for our panel this morning is “Unity against the Right: A historical approach.” There are in fact many histories of such united resistance, each with … Keep reading »

  • The Communist International: Its Relevance Today

    Thirty-five years ago I undertook to translate and publish the record of the Communist International in Lenin’s lifetime, covering the preparatory years from 1907 to its foundation in 1919 and through 1923. Ten books totalling 7,000 pages are published or in preparation. This has been a team effort of more than 100 collaborators in several … Keep reading »

  • Thirty-Five Years of Comintern Publishing: A Balancesheet

    In June 1983, after returning home from my shift in a machine shop in Brampton, Ontario, I received a visit from two leaders of the New York-based socialist publisher Pathfinder Press, Mary-Alice Waters and Barry Sheppard. They asked me to head up a full-time project to translate, edit, and publish the record of world revolutionary … Keep reading »

  • Reading Capital: Changing Historical Contexts and Different Political Projects

    One hundred and fifty years after the first volume of Marx’s Capital was published in 1867, Marx remains a common point of reference but his magnum opus is by no means widely read. Once he was thrown off pedestals across the former Soviet Union, Western business media adopted Marx as a principal witness for the … Keep reading »

  • National Liberation and Bolshevism Reexamined

    A View from the Borderlands A view from the Czarist empire’s borderlands obliges us to rethink many long-held assumptions about the revolutions of 1905 and 1917, as well as the development of Marxist approaches to national liberation, peasant struggle, permanent revolution, and the emancipation of women. The following paper analyzes the socialist debates on the national … Keep reading »

  • Book Launch: Toward the United Front

    Toronto — 3 February 2013. Moderated by Abbie Bakan. Panel discussion with: John Riddell is the translator and editor of this book. He maintains a blog at johnriddell.wordpress.com David McNally teaches Political Science at York University, Toronto, and is the author of Monsters of the Market: Zombies, Vampires and Global Capitalism Greg Albo teaches Political … Watch video »

  • Lessons of the Comintern Experience

    Toronto — 12 May 2012. Presentations by: Helen Scott, University of Vermont – Rebuilding the International: Rosa Luxemburg and the Comintern John Riddell – The Workers’ Government: Fiction, Pseudonym or Transition. Lars T. Lih – From ‘Party of an Old Type’ to ‘Party of a New Type’ These presentations were made at the Historical Materialism … Watch video »