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  • Don’t Let a Union Split Tear the Labour Movement Apart

    Dear Canadian union sisters and brothers: There’s a lot to admire about your labour movement. With community organizing, creative street heat, and militant strikes, you’ve just scored the biggest win yet in the Fight for $15, forcing a pro-corporate Ontario government to raise wages for 1.7 million workers and grant new card-check union recognition rights, … Keep reading »

  • Crisis in the Canadian Labour Movement

    A crisis has suddenly erupted within the Canadian labour movement, falling along old divisions of the movement’s archaic organizational structure, and assisted by the lack of any strategic focus or signs of even modest political ambitions beyond self-preservation in either the labour central or any of its affiliates. In the case at hand, the crisis … Keep reading »

  • Aeration and the CLC Convention of 2014

    When you are slowly suffocating due to oxygen deprivation, it’s a bit of a priority to breathe fresh air again. It helps if someone finally opens a window so air circulation can start. In the case of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) of 2014, this invaluable service fell to Hassan Husseini, a union organizer and … Keep reading »

  • Challenging the Leadership of the Canadian Labour Congress

    Toronto — 27 April 2014. The Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly (GTWA) presents a forum with Hassan Husseini, candidate for the Presidency of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC). Hassan Husseini is a long-time social justice activist and trade unionist with roots in CUPE and Unifor who is running for the presidency of the CLC, shares his … Watch video »

  • Hassan Husseini’s CLC Challenge

    This year’s Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) convention might be worth attending after all. With a presidential challenge in the air, labour leaders will have to trade in their silk shirts for a pair of overalls to show they still are connected to the working-class in order to seek the support of delegates. [Ed.: Delegates to … Keep reading »

  • Austerity, the Conservative Majority and the CLC Action Plan

    The recent Conservative majority in Parliament presents organized labour with the challenge of finding new ways to build and mobilize working people against the neoliberal austerity agenda. The neoliberal offensive in Canada has intensified since the election of the Conservative Party under Stephen Harper in 2006. During their tenure in government, the Tories have defunded … Keep reading »

  • CLC Convention Highlights the Challenges Facing the Labour Movement in Canada

    The triennial convention of the Canadian Labour Congress held in Toronto from May 26 to 30 revealed the positive changes that have edged their way into the labour movement in recent years. It also showed the weighty obstacles that stand in the way of the organization’s transformation into a more militant, fighting force on behalf … Keep reading »

  • ‘Dare Anyone Say a Word?’: The CLC Convention of 2008

    There is always something unsettling about people who say one thing and do another. There is for one thing the hypocrisy. Then, there is the uncertainty. It only takes a few disappointments to sow the seeds of doubt about whether you can ever trust a person’s judgement again or whether you can ever expect them … Keep reading »