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  • Using Marx’s Capital as an Organizing Tool

    Marx’s Capital: three volumes, 2,500 pages. A tome as an organizing tool? For leftists who really can’t do without Marx, there are a lot of his texts that are shorter and address questions of organizing directly. The Communist Manifesto (1848) comes to mind, but also the materials he wrote for the International Working Men’s Association. … Keep reading »

  • Marx’s Theory and Philosophy of Praxis: Between academia and ideology

    Hungarian writer and historian György Dalos described his relationship to Marx in a short, reflective piece that appeared in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung on 25 October 2017. In it, he claims that Marx drew upon that age-old human ideal of a society living in wealth and security and without fear of violence or retribution; and … Keep reading »

  • “Before all else a revolutionist”: Marx and the Question of Strategy

    The multiple crises of capitalism go hand in hand with the multiple crises of the left. And amidst these crises, we find ourselves commemorating the 200th birthday of Karl Marx and the 150th anniversary of the publication of the first volume of Capital. But how are we to treat Marx and his works? How important … Keep reading »

  • A Gap in Marx? Value, Nature and Society

    The metabolic exchange between nature and society in a mode of production based upon value So many accusations have been levelled against Karl Marx and, to an even greater extent, his friend and co-author Friedrich Engels in the 150 years since Capital was first published (in German in 1867) that the charges are almost too many … Keep reading »

  • Reading Capital: Changing Historical Contexts and Different Political Projects

    One hundred and fifty years after the first volume of Marx’s Capital was published in 1867, Marx remains a common point of reference but his magnum opus is by no means widely read. Once he was thrown off pedestals across the former Soviet Union, Western business media adopted Marx as a principal witness for the … Keep reading »

  • Hats and Men: Marx’s Faulty Symmetry

    It is 150 years since Karl Marx published the first volume of Capital: A Critique of Political Economy in 1867, with the two subsequent volumes coming out under the editorship of Friedrich Engels over the next decades. Capital is a masterful appraisal of the ‘vulgar’ defences of capitalism focused on exchange and markets and the more … Keep reading »

  • 150 Years of Marx’s Capital

    19 March 2017. This is a collection of videos dealing with Karl Marx’s Capital: A Critique of Political Economy. This playlist starts with an audio recording of Capital Volume 1. And here’s a link to the text of Capital. It is 150 years since Karl Marx published the first volume of Capital: A Critique of … Watch video »

  • If You Don’t Understand the Second Product, You Understand Nothing About Marx’s Capital

    Athens — 14 January 2017. The following talk was given at the International conference “150 years Karl Marx’s Capital – Reflections for the 21st century” held in Athens, Greece on January 14-15, 2017. Organized by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung – Athens Office in cooperation with Theseis, the conference discussed the actuality of Marx’s theoretical system … Watch video »