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  • Organize! Educate! Resist!

    A short play about the Metro Days of Action. Directed by Aida Jordao. Written by Craig Heron and the cast. Watch video »

  • Premonitions: Fragments of a Culture of Revolt

    AK Thompson’s newest book, Premonitions: Selected Essays on the Culture of Revolt, is focused on strategic and analytical insights about how our social movements work, and don’t, and what they yet may be. AK Press interviews Thompson here on some of the ideas that are central to the book. AK Press (AKP): Let’s start by … Keep reading »

  • Sneak Peek: Extended Interview w/ Tanner Mirrlees

    We continue our discussion with Tanner Mirrlees. We talk about what the Munk Debates are, whether no-platforming is a justifiable tactic as well as the lessons the Left might want to take to heart when considering the rise of the alt-right. Support Oats for Breakfast on Patreon:

  • Episode 09: The alt-right and the Bannon-Frum debate w/ Tanner Mirrlees

    Oats sat down with Tanner Mirrlees to chat about the rise of the “alt-right” as well as the recent debate between Steve Bannon and David Frum in Toronto. Listen to audio »

  • Contextualizing Dr. Jordan Peterson’s ‘Cultural Marxism’

    In this video, Dr. Tanner Mirrlees explores the history, content and political uses of the alt-right’s “cultural Marxist” conspiracy theory to contextualize Jordan Peterson’s slippery usage of the phrases “neo-Marxism,” “postmodern Marxism,” and sometimes, “cultural Marxism.” Watch video »

  • Book Launch: Puerto Montt

    The Toronto book launch of Graeme Krupinski’s premier novel, Puerto Montt (Crowsnest Books, 2018). A short reading by the author, discussion by Matt Tracey and audience Q&A. Graeme Krupinski was born and raised in Toronto before living in Argentina and Chile. His poetry and non-fiction has been published in journals and newspapers in English and … Watch video »

  • The Lessons of the World Cup for our Victim Culture

    That we are living in an age of victim culture is well-exemplified by an article recently published by the CBC suggesting that minorities “feel apprehensive about heading into the wild because they don’t see themselves reflected in the outdoor industry and media.” The underlying premise is that a paucity of representations of members of these … Keep reading »

  • The Stanley Cup Finals: Festival of Exploitation?

    The Stanley Cup Finals have arrived. For ardent hockey fans and their proxies in the mainstream sports media, this is the triumphant culmination of an epic journey of athletic mastery and heroic stoicism. It is the season to wax poetic about the “grit,” “toughness,” “pain,” “heroism,” and “sacrifice” that define professional hockey players and render … Keep reading »

  • Another Stream of Martin Luther King’s Legacy

    The Dodge Ram Trucks’ 2018 Super Bowl ad, harnessing the rousing oratory of Martin Luther King Jr.’s call to service, the “Drum Major Instinct” speech, to loving close-ups of 350-horsepower pickup trucks, attracted instant, widespread condemnation. Many lampooned the use of King’s image to sell trucks, and a parody of the ad, recut with King’s … Keep reading »

  • Review: I Am Not Your Negro

    Now and then, and despite its capitalist and racial biases, our culture throws up something that can speak quite eloquently and uniquely about the times we’re living through. In this case, I’m referring to an amazing documentary film that has been released recently, “I Am Not Your Negro,” directed by Raoul Peck, an acclaimed Haitian director with major films to his credit. This latest work is well worth seeing and has been well received here. Keep reading »

  • To exist, Is to Resist

    Against the Blacklisting of Activists and Writers

    The cancellation of a lecture by journalist Rania Khalek, who was invited to speak on the University of North Carolina (UNC) – Chapel Hill campus by Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) on February 27, 2017, raises important issues of tactics and strategy within movements for social change. The whole statement, posted on Facebook the … Keep reading »

  • Tanner Mirrlees – The US Empire’s Culture Industry

    The US Empire’s Culture Industry Toronto — 20 October 2016. View on   From Katy Perry training alongside US Marines in a music video, to the global box-office mastery of the US military-supported Transformers franchise, it’s clear that the US national security state is a dominant force in global media culture. How and why is … Watch video »