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Today is Tuesday 17th of October 2017, 9:14:53am
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 What’s New 

What's New: The Economics of $15: A Reader
The demand for a $15 minimum wage is hugely popular. However, doubts remain about whether raising the minimum wage to $15 would benefit or hurt workers and the economy. These doubts have been sowed by conservative politicians, right-wing think-tanks, employer groups, and a largely uncritical media. Luckily, over the last couple of years progressive economists have been hard at work studying the potential impacts of a $15 minimum wage and critically examining the claims made by those who oppose the minimum wage.

Tuesday 17 Oct 2017, 12:00pm

What's New: Why unsustainable fossil fuel use keeps on growing
Simon Pirani, Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, gave a seminar at the Grantham Research Institute. He answers questions about the history of fossil fuel consumption, why consumption keeps rising when we need to reduce energy use, and how we could overhaul the systems which keep consumption high.

Tuesday 17 Oct 2017, 2:00am

 In The News Today 

Why Workers Are Losing to Capitalists
Back in April, I wrote about one of the most troubling mysteries in economics, the falling labor share. Less of the income the economy produces is going to people who work, and more is going to people who own things.
www.bloomberg.com | 17 Oct 2017, 6:00pm

Catalonia: crisis puts the working class centre-stage
Zola's novel, written in 1885, describes a revolutionary fervour gripping the working classes of the industrial world. This world of the capitalists is brutal and poverty-stricken.
rs21.org.uk | 17 Oct 2017, 4:00pm

Maduro's Socialist Party Wins Venezuela's Regional Polls
Official results from Venezuela's regional elections show the governing socialist party, Psuv, has won 17 out of 22 governorships - with one still left to count. Turnout was 61.14 percent in Sunday's polls.
www.telesurtv.net | 17 Oct 2017, 3:00pm

Opponents of the Liberals' proposed tax reforms may not be telling the truth
The opposition to the federal government's proposed tax reforms is based on misleading information. That is the view of Dennis Howlett, executive director of the lobby group Canadians for Tax Fairness.
| 17 Oct 2017, 2:00pm

No classes at most GTA colleges as over 12,000 faculty walk off the job
More than 12,000 faculty at Ontario's 24 public colleges are on strike after negotiations between their union and the group representing management failed Sunday evening, the Ontario Public Service Employees Union says.
www.cbc.ca | 17 Oct 2017, 11:00am

To the referendum: the book
The composition of the Catalan Parliament after the elections of 27 September 2015, was the key to move forward the political process towards the self-determination of the Catalan people. Last September 6, the new majorities in the Parliament passed the Law for the celebration of the Referendum of Self-determination for the 1st October 2017.
cup.cat | 17 Oct 2017, 4:00am


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