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  • Workers’ Comp is a Right!

    For years now, injured workers and frontline advocates have been sounding the alarm that Ontario’s Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) has been “getting its financial house in order” through austerity and cost-cutting measures. Keep reading »

  • Austerity Strangles Ontario: the TA strikes in Context

    Austerity for working people and the accumulation of wealth in the corporate sector was sold as short-term pain for long-term gain. What we got of course was pain now, pain later, and never-ending pain if we don’t organize to end it. The continuous pressure on public and private sector workers seems now to be leading … Keep reading »

  • Austerity and the Attack on Disability Benefits

    Facing Resistance In Ontario At the beginning of this month, Ted McMeekin, the Ontario Minister of Community and Social Services, informed the provincial Legislature that his government will not be merging Ontario Works (OW) with the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). Given that the Liberal’s own 2012 Report of the Commission for the Review of Social … Keep reading »

  • Austerity Agenda Targets the Disabled

    The recent Ontario provincial budget did not do very much to uphold Kathleen Wynne‘s claim to the title of ‘Social Justice Premier.’ Most of those on social assistance received an increase in their benefits that was below the rate of inflation while no increase whatsoever was provided to those subsisting on the minimum wage. Modest … Keep reading »