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  • The United Auto Workers and the Big Three Automakers: A Tale of Corruption

    What follows is a somewhat complex tale of what happens when a labor union, structured to be unaccountable to the rank-and-file membership, embraces a system of labor-management cooperation rather than a class-conscious understanding that workers and their employers are adversaries with fundamentally opposed goals and desires. Unfortunately, what is true of the United Auto Workers … Keep reading »

  • The UAW at Volkswagen: Workers, Unions and the Left

    For a number of reasons, U.S. unions are on the defensive – from concerted attacks by employers, the political and cultural effects of 30 years of neoliberalism as well as their inability to build resistance in workplaces and communities. The unionization rate in the private sector is down to 6.7 per cent and a central … Keep reading »

  • The Hidden History of Workplace Resistance: U.S. Autoworkers Speak Out

    Toronto — 26 October 2013. Three prominent UAW shop floor activists describe current life on American assembly lines and keeping resistance alive. Moderated by Tracy Macmaster, President of the OPSEU Greater Toronto Area Council. Introduction by Sam Gindin. Presentations by: Sean Crawford, great grandfather was Vice Chair of the Flint sit-down strike (1936-37) and great … Watch video »

  • UAW Rank-and-File Organize to Fight For Union Principles

    For decades United Auto Workers (UAW) members at the Detroit Three – GM, Ford and Chrysler – were alleged to be narrowing their goals. Workers were said to be maintaining their living standards by ‘selling out their children’ – the new-hires in the plants. Votes on ratification of contracts backed by the UAW leadership were … Keep reading »

  • Against Concessions: CAW – UAW Rank and File Solidarity

    In the spring of 2008, the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) union, opened contract talks early to negotiate a concessionary contract in order to give the Detroit Three auto makers (Chrysler, Ford and General Motors) a cost savings advantage they claimed they needed as the economy slid downwards, and also to avoid reopening the contract before … Keep reading »

  • The UAW-Big Three Settlements: From Defeat to Rebellion

    The 2007 United Autoworkers (UAW) agreements with the Detroit Big Three represented – as many people inside and outside the union have noted – the greatest economic concessions in the history of the union. Yet, in the course of that defeat, a remarkable opposition arose. It was led by a small group of activists who … Keep reading »

  • General Motors, the UAW Strike and Concessions

    As this introduction is being written the UAW is currently on strike against General Motors. The strike began on Monday, September 24th and was a surprise. The union and employer were reportedly close to an agreement on reducing GM’s retiree medical costs and the UAW’s leadership had refused to mobilize the membership to challenge the … Keep reading »

  • The Auto Industry

    Concretizing Working Class Solidarity: Internationalism beyond Slogans by Sam Gindin. Keep reading »