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  • Ten Reasons to say No: A Primer on Sidewalk Labs’ Plan for Toronto

    Review of Sidewalk Labs’ plans for Toronto’s waterfront and some of the reasons to say no to corporate control and to insist instead, on a democratic and citizen driven process. Keep reading »

  • Toronto’s Buried History: The Dark Story of How Mining Built a City

    On Sunday March 5th, the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) hosted its 85th annual conference in downtown Toronto. With more than 20,000 attendees and 900 exhibitors, the conference is the largest of its kind in the world. During those four days, delegates take over 20 of Toronto’s downtown hotels and spend millions of … Keep reading »

  • Toronto’s Plan to Push Out the Homeless

    The Mayor’s Office in Toronto is today occupied by a much slicker operation than it was during the years of dysfunctional, bigoted buffoonery that unfolded under Rob Ford. Mayor John Tory has resumed the drive toward a fully fledged neoliberal city but has the basic political skills to frame his twin agendas of austerity and … Keep reading »

  • A Women’s Labour History Walking Tour

    This customized tour acknowledges the Mississauga of New Credit, the aboriginal nation whose ancestral lands the city is built on, and highlights the struggles, gains and losses of women in the city’s labour and feminist movements from the 1850s up to the present – a history that has been silenced and marginalized. We bring back … Watch video »

  • Poor People’s History of East Downtown Toronto

    Toronto — 14 September 2013. For close to two centuries East Downtown Toronto has welcomed the unemployed, homeless and working poor. Infrastructures to support the unemployed, some of which date back to the establishment of Toronto first poor house to the 1830s, are now being threatened and dismantled by the city to make room for … Watch video »

  • Toronto Transit Bans ‘Disappearing Palestine’ Ad Claiming Risk of Anti-Jewish Violence

    The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) has rejected a group’s bus ad showing Israel’s expropriation of Palestinian land over time, claiming the ad could incite anti-Jewish discrimination and violence. The ad, sponsored by Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME), is similar to others that have appeared in cities all over North America … Keep reading »

  • An Incomplete Victory or the Beginning of the End for Ford Nation?

    Toronto Budget 2012 Does the 2012 City of Toronto budget represent an incomplete victory for the Rob Ford Administration or is it indicative of its impending demise? It really depends on how you look at it. The tax and service cuts of the first year of Mayor Ford’s term remain in place. While I won’t rehash … Keep reading »

  • Public Services, Good Jobs and the Ontario Election

    Meeting chaired by Nancy Pridham; presentations by John Cartwright, Cathy Crowe, Deena Ladd, Sandy Hudson, Carolyn Egan, and Alan Sears. Recorded in Toronto, 28 September 2011. Watch video »

  • Stop Ford’s Cuts

    Toronto — 10 September 2011. The idea is simple: Torontonians meet in the park and lay out a People’s Declaration – a clear set of demands to deliver to City Hall. Then we all show up at City Hall on September 26 and 27 to make sure that are these demands are met when council … Watch video »

  • Ontario’s Bill 150 and the Right to Strike

    The purpose of the Ontario Government’s Bill 150 is effectively to break the union. When the employer says “no” at the bargaining table, and you can’t walk out in support of your bargaining objectives, then you have to ask yourself with respect to unions: “what is the purpose of being there?” Workers join unions to … Keep reading »

  • Mayor’s Panel Dreams of White Shiny City by the Lake

    Ten years after Toronto’s amalgamation, a new report commissioned by Mayor David Miller signals consensus among city power-brokers, local politicians (progressives, social democrats, centrists and right-wingers alike), and Premier McGuinty that the logic of the neoliberal restructuring of Toronto has triumphed. There is, apparently, no going back. The city is on its own and must … Keep reading »

  • The Miller Regime and Suburban Growth Politics

    In the City of Toronto, the 2006 municipal elections brought few surprises. Incumbent Mayor Miller was declared the winner seconds after the polls closed. The composition of City Council changed little. Most incumbents were reelected comfortably. NDP and labour-backed candidates failed to unseat right wingers like Case Ootes and Cesar Palacio. But thanks to the … Keep reading »