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  • 50 Steps to Govern Together

    Spanish Left: 50 Steps to Govern Together

    The coalition between Podemos and IU (called “Unidos Podemos” – Together We Can) is the only one that, on 26 June, could overturn the situation created by the 20 December Spanish election. In order to do that, Podemos and IU have agreed on a 50-point programme to end austerity and bring democracy to the country. … Keep reading »

  • Podemos and the Catalan Independence Process

    The rise of Podemos (“We Can”) in the Spanish state – and of its counterpart Podem in Catalonia – has presented a new challenge to both the Catalan independence movement and to the traditional left in that subordinated national component of the Spanish state. Pablo Iglesias and other Podemos leaders, while indicating sympathy for self-determination … Keep reading »