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  • The Front National and French Workers

    The class-consciousness of workers in France is diminishing. As early as 1978 opinion surveys revealed a strong unease that went with the sense of society falling into crisis. The most important factors for the preservation of class-consciousness, according to social scientists Guy Michelat and Michel Simon, were the existence of relatively unified and solidary collectives … Keep reading »

  • Launching the Socialist Register 2016: The Politics of the Right

    It is becoming increasingly clear that we are at one of those historical moments that compel socialists to undertake a serious calibration of the political forces amassing on the right. This stems partly from the electoral breakthrough far-right parties have made in Europe as the global financial crisis and unrelenting austerity continue to take their … Watch video »

  • The “New Turkey’s” Test With Freedom of Thought and Expression: Resurgent Fascism?

    The petition by the “Academicians for Peace” in Turkey has resulted in an assault against the academic community of the country, which resembles the practices of the military junta of the September 12 1980, coup d’état. The petition itself and the reactions for/against it have gained a different momentum following the increasing pressure by the … Keep reading »

  • The Russian Far Right

    The current crisis in Ukraine has, among other things, highlighted the issue of nationalism in the former Soviet republics, and in particular extreme right nationalism. The politics of the Euromaidan movement, which toppled President Viktor Yanukovych are overwhelmingly those of Ukrainian nationalism in various forms, and far right organizations such as the Right Sector and … Keep reading »

  • Austerity, the Hard Right and the French Election: Two Views

    Barely two years after assuming office François Hollande finds himself to be the most unpopular French president in history. This past Sunday his Parti socialiste suffered serious defeats in local and municipal elections as French voters either abstained or supported parties of the Right. Although the conservative UMP (Union for a Popular Movement) was the … Keep reading »

  • The Greek Neo-Nazis of Golden Dawn – No Pasaran?

    The following interview with Dimitris Psarras, the author of the Black Book of Golden Dawn was conducted in Greek by Eleni Varikas and Michael Löwy and published in French at Mediapart and published in English at transform!. English translation by Eric Canepa. Eleni Varikas and Michael Löwy (EV and ML): In a few words could … Keep reading »

  • For A European Antifascist Movement

    The deepening and generalization of the crisis to nearly all European countries makes it now possible to comprehend not only the crisis’s dynamic and characteristics, but also the priority tasks which a Left that does not surrender and keeps resisting ought to take on. 1. That is why we could henceforth evoke a trend toward … Keep reading »

  • The Greek Left and the Rise of the Neo-Fascist Golden Dawn

    For the past months there has been an intense debate both in Greece but also in international media regarding the rise of the neo-fascist Golden Dawn in Greece. The reason is obvious: for the first time in a European Union (EU) country a political party that in contrast to most of the varieties of the … Keep reading »

  • Turning Despair Into Hate

    Greece is in a grueling downward economic spiral with massive political and social ramifications. Aspects of Greek society are literally falling apart at the seams. Across the whole eurozone – the countries that use the euro as a common currency – unemployment is at a record high of 18.2 million people without work in August. … Keep reading »