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 Socialist Interventions
Pamphlet Series 

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This pamphlet series is meant to encourage principled debate amongst the left and the working class to advance a viable socialist movement in Canada. Democratic debate is encouraged within and beyond the Socialist Project. These publications (and others), are available as free downloads at Reading From The Left. The pamphlets are freely available for download. Printed copies are available at $3 each or $25 for a bundle of 10 copies (postage extra).

For more than 100 years, May Day has symbolized the common struggles of workers around the globe. Why is it largely ignored in North America? The answer lies in part in American labour’s long repression of its own radical past, out of which international May Day was actually born a century ago.

May Day

The new unionism of the 1930s brought dramatic new tactics such as the sit-downs, new strategies that included industry-wide bargaining, and spread new forms of in-plant democracy based on the shop steward system. Today union structures are again in crisis, but nothing comparable to the labour explosion of the 30s has yet emerged or is even much talked about. When those of us who support labour by silencing ourselves out of sensitivity to the assault it's facing, we do labour no favour. Nothing is more important to the renewal of the labour movement than to soberly confront the mess it's in and encourage the most open and creative discussion of how it might move on. Here Sam Gindin argues that bringing class back in must stand at the center of such discussions.

Global Issues

From its very beginnings, the new doctrine was quite consciously set in opposition to socialism as an alternate economic and democratic order to capitalism and as an unyielding defender of the institutions of private property. In its specific programmatic mandate, neoliberalism was an offspring of the Great Depression and set against Keynesian state intervention. But however much its protagonists set themselves up as outsiders, neoliberalism was never an alien political doctrine to economic and political elites of Western Europe and North America: neoliberal ideas were always incorporated as a legitimate component of state policy discussions.

Austerity Against Democracy
Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly (GTWA) publications
Date Title Download
#8. December, 2012    Free and Accessible Transit Now PDF
#7. June, 2012    With Friends Like These...: How can we save education from McGuinty's attacks? PDF
#6. January, 2012    Fight the Electro-Motive Lockout: Move the Struggle Forward PDF
#5. December, 2011    Time to take out the trash PDF
#4. October, 2011    Under Attack: In Defence of the Public Sector (leaflet) PDF
#3. September, 2011    Under Attack: In Defence of the Public Sector (pamphlet) PDF
#2. June, 2011    Why You Should Support Postal Workers HTML PDF
#1. January, 2011    What is the GTWA? HTML PDF
Socialist Interventions Pamphlet Series
Date Author Title Download
#15. May, 2016 Eleanor Marx, et. al. May Day PDF
Paper copies available for purchase at $3 per copy.
(Note about ePub: install the ePub Firefox addon for your browser, or install Calibre on your desktop computer.
You can also install an ePub reader application for your mobile device/tablet - like Aldiko.)
#14. September, 2015 Sam Gindin Global Issues: Bringing Class Back In ePub PDF
#13. August, 2014 Greg Albo and Carlo Fanelli Austerity Against Democracy ePub PDF
#12. August, 2013 Stefan Kipfer, et al. Free Transit ePub PDF
#11. November, 2011 Angela Joya, et al. The Arab Revolts Against Neoliberalism HTML PDF
#10. August, 2010 Marta Harnecker Ideas for the Struggle HTML PDF
#9. October, 2009 Socialist Project Financial Meltdown: Canada, the Economic Crisis and Political Struggle HTML PDF
#8. April, 2009 Michael A. Lebowitz The Path to Human Development: Capitalism or Socialism? PDF
(letter size)
#7. May, 2008 SP Labour Committee Labour Movement Platform HTML PDF
#6. April, 2008 Richard Roman and Edur Velasco Arregui The Oaxaca Commune: The Other Indigenous Rebellion in Mexico HTML PDF
#5. June, 2007 SP Labour Committee The Crisis in Manufacturing Jobs: Struggling for Answers HTML PDF
#4. Dec, 2005 Armstrong, Hugh, et al. Whose Health Care?
Challenging the Corporate Struggle to Rule Our System
#3. Mar, 2005 Carlos Torres, et al. The Unexpected Revolution
The Venezuelan People Confront Neoliberalism
#2. Jan, 2005 Leo Panitch Whose Violence? Imperial State Security and the
Global Justice Movement
#1. April, 2004 Sam Gindin The Auto Industry - Concretizing Working Class Solidarity:
Internationalism Beyond Slogans
August, 2003   Socialist Project Constitution HTML PDF
2004   Founding Statement HTML PDF
2004   A Different Canada is Possible!
Charting a Democratic Agenda for the 2004 Federal Election
April, 2005   Saying NO to Neoliberalism
in France and Canada
February, 2010 Socialist Project The Venezuelan Call for a New International Organization of the Left HTML PDF
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