• The Crisis Will Be Profound and Prolonged…

    The Brazilian Landless Movement (Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra – MST) has been at the forefront of militant struggles against neoliberalism and capitalism in Latin America for many years now. They continue to be a key pole of militancy in the upsurge of socialism and renewal of the Left across the continent. They are … Keep reading »

  • Why the Venezuelan Amendment Campaign Is So Important

    Sunday, 15 February, Venezuelans vote in a referendum on a proposed Constitutional Amendment that will allow for any candidate to stand for the Presidency, or indeed for any elective office, without restriction on the number of terms they may serve. Only the people’s vote will decide whether they are elected and how many terms they … Keep reading »

  • The Global Crisis and Mexico

    The End of Mexico’s Development Model? The current global crisis, and the role of the United States in it, has brought into the public light the role of financial derivatives in keeping the global financial system in a constant state of volatility. This, however, is not a new experience for the Mexican economy. These financial instruments … Keep reading »

  • Bolivia: Unprecedented Alliance Defeats Right-Wing Assault

    LA PAZ: After three months of intense class struggle, there can be no doubt that the U.S.-backed right-wing opposition to the government of President Evo Morales has suffered three important defeats. The right’s offensive to topple Morales, which climaxed with the September 11-12 “civic coup” attempt, has been decisively rolled back by the combined action … Keep reading »

  • Bolivia’s Elites Seek A Media Coup

    Bolivia’s popular movements are attempting to use democracy and a legitimate government to advance an agenda of sovereignty, greater equality, and development. Their opponents, led by several governors of the wealthier provinces in a part of the country called the “media luna,” are trying to use violence and sabotage to stop that agenda by provoking … Keep reading »

  • Venezuela and Bolivia – People Against Empire

    Toronto – September 10, 2008 Moderated by Carlos Torchia. Presentations by: Dr. Maria Paez Victor, Venezuelan sociologist with an MA from the University of Kent at Canterbury, England and a Ph.D. from York University, member of Louis Riel Bolivarian Circle Cynthia Cisneros Fajardo, Indigenous journalist, activist and participant in the August 10 referendum in Bolivia … Watch video »

  • Movements, Debates and Struggles in Latin America

    Toronto — 17 July 2008. A report by Leo Panitch on the International Seminar organized by the Brazilian Landless People’s Movement (MST) in honour of Che’s 80th Birthday. The last year has seen enormous political turmoil across Latin America. Political and social advances for the Left in Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela continued to be wracked … Watch video »

  • A World in Revolt

    Toronto — 23 June 2008 Prospects for socialist revolution in Venezuela and Latin America with Celia Hart. Celia Hart (4 January 1962 – September 7, 2008) was a Cuban physicist and writer. Until May 2006, she was a member of the Cuban Communist Party. She was the daughter of two historic leaders of the Cuban … Watch video »

  • Haiti – Damming the Flood

    Launch of Peter Hallward’s Damming the Flood: Aristide, Haiti, and the Politics of Containment (Verso Books). Recorded in Toronto, 2 June 2008. Watch video »

  • The Mexican Crisis and the Oaxaca Commune

    The Oaxaca Commune was an extraordinary experience of popular insurgency and democratic self-governance. Though its rise and fall was conditioned by the particularities of the Mexican political crisis of 2006, the forms of the struggle have a universalistic relevance. “Assembleist” forms of direct democracy were developed in order to organize both the rebellion and the … Keep reading »

  • The Oaxaca Commune

    The Other Indigenous Rebellion in Mexico This essay explores the extraordinary experience of the Oaxaca Commune in Mexico, an experience of grass-roots rebellion and self-government that has put forth an alternative model of struggle to the electoralist model of the PRD (Partido de la Revolución Democrática – Party of the Democratic Revolution) and to that of … Keep reading »

  • Venezuela: The Spectre of Big Oil

    “Never again will they rob us – the ExxonMobil bandits. They are imperial, American bandits, white-collared thieves. They turn governments corrupt, they oust governments. They supported the invasion of Iraq.”[1] This was the response from Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez to the successful lawsuit by the world’s biggest corporation (ExxonMobil), freezing $12 billion in assets of … Keep reading »