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  • From Red October to Evo Morales

    The Politics of Rebellion and Reform in Bolivia David Broder, of The Commune, interviews Jeffery R. Webber on his two books on Bolivian politics out this year – From Rebellion to Reform in Bolivia: Class Struggle, Indigenous Liberation and the Politics of Evo Morales and Red October: Left-Indigenous Struggles in Modern Bolivia. David Broder (DB): What … Keep reading »

  • Risks in Expanding Non-state Enterprises in the Cuban Economy

    This article is intended to call attention to the most important negative consequences that the recently announced decision to permit free hiring of salaried labour could generate in Cuban society. It also attempts to suggest some measures to increase the possibilities that the new non-state enterprises (self-employment, cooperatives, or conventional private businesses) may contribute to … Keep reading »

  • Forum on Bolivia with Dr. Hugo Salvatierra

    Toronto — 8 November 2010. Moderated by Judy Rebick. Dr. Hugo Salvatierra is one of Evo Morales’s top advisors and a founder of the MAS in Bolivia. Salvatierra is a founder of the MAS and the Minister of Rural Development, Agriculture and the Environment in the first MAS Cabinet. With the agreement of the MAS … Watch video »

  • 1810, 1910, 2010 and Mexican Labour

    In the midst of a deep depression, an ongoing crisis of legitimacy and a brutal internal war amongst the different fractions of the drug cartel/state complex, Mexico is celebrating its two great revolutions, the Revolution of Independence (1810) and the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920). The Revolution of Independence, which quickly took on a revolutionary popular character, … Keep reading »

  • Ecuador and Venezuela: Danger South of the Border

    It is not difficult to see that the events of September 30, in the Latin American country of Ecuador, amounted to an attempted right-wing coup d’état. Mass mobilizations in the streets and plazas of Quito (the capital) and other cities – in conjunction with action by sections of the armed forces which stayed loyal to … Keep reading »

  • Venezuela: Voices on the Struggle

    In mid-June 2010, we caught up with three revolutionary socialist activists, Gonzalo Gómez, Stalin Pérez Borges, and Luis Primo in Caracas, Venezuela to discuss their views on the contradictions and prospects of the Bolivarian process. JRW and SS: Can you tell us a little bit about your political lives? GG: I am a co-founder of … Keep reading »

  • The Spectre of Barbarism and its Alternative

    The following two documents are presentations made or prepared for different purposes in Venezuela. The first (‘The Spectre of Barbarism and its Alternative: Eight Theses’) was presented at a conference of Venezuelan intellectuals organized by Centro Internacional Miranda (CIM) in Caracas on ‘The New International Situation and Construction of Socialism in the 21st Century’ on … Keep reading »

  • Two Takes on the Bolivian Uprising in Potosi

    The Andean countries in Latin America have been at the centre of attempts to form anti-neoliberal political alliances and put on the agenda a 21st century socialism. Bolivia has formed an important crucible for these struggles. The battles of miners in the 1980s, the coca farmers from the 1990s on, the water wars in Cochabamba … Keep reading »

  • Map of South America

    Colombia and Venezuela Rattle Their Sabres: Uribe’s Parting Shot

    Outgoing Colombian President, Álvaro Uribe, dropped a figurative bomb in the Andes on Thursday, July 22, just weeks before the scheduled inauguration of President-elect Juan Manuel Santos, Uribe’s former Defence Minister.  At the behest of Bogotá, an extraordinary session of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) was convened to hear Colombia’s … Keep reading »

  • The Labour Movement and Socialist Struggle in Venezuela Today

    An Interview with Pedro Eusse In mid-June, 2010, we met with Pedro Eusse, National Secretary of the Venezuelan Communist Party (PCV) and part of the provisional executive committee of the labour confederation, Unión Nacional de Trabajadores (National Union of Workers, UNT). Revolutionary figures from times past stared down at us from the paintings hung on the … Keep reading »

  • Indigenous Struggle, Ecology, and Capitalist Resource Extraction in Ecuador

    An Interview with Marlon Santi Jeffery R. Webber On July 5, I sat down with Marlon Santi, President of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE), in his office in Quito. We discussed the increasing contradictions between the demands of the indigenous movement, on the one hand, around water rights and anti-mining resistance, and the positions … Keep reading »

  • Communal Power in Caracas

    An Interview with Wilder Marcano We caught up with Wilder Marcano, director of the network of Comunas in Caracas, on the morning of June 18, 2010. He talked with us just before addressing a crowd of a few hundred representatives of different comunas from around the capital who had gathered in the offices of the Ministry … Keep reading »