Author: J. F. Conway

J. F. Conway teaches sociology at the University of Regina and author of The Rise of the New West: The History of a Region in Confederation, published in 2014.

  • John Scraba arrested

    Grant Devine’s Alternative Truth

    The Tory Caucus Fraud Scandal of the 1990s “When it comes to the crime of fraud, single mothers who, out of desperation, cheat on welfare, have most often gone to jail… Impoverished family breadwinners, who, also out of desperation, cheat on unemployment insurance, have most often gone to jail… [Some] who illegally obtained money from the … Keep reading »

  • Whatever Became of the CCF’s Dream?

    A dramatic shift in electoral politics is currently disrupting leading capitalist democracies, challenging the ideological hegemony and legitimacy of the global neoliberalism of late capitalism. In the U.S., Bernie Sanders, a self-declared democratic socialist, almost won the Democratic Party’s nomination for President. At the outset of the primaries, the nomination was widely viewed as a … Keep reading »

  • Populism in the 21st Century

    Class Struggle Returns to Haunt Capitalist Democracies Populism: “any political movement which seeks to mobilize the people… against a state which is either controlled by vested interests or too powerful in itself.” — Oxford Dictionary of Sociology The term “populism” has returned to the daily vocabulary of political pundits and analysts trying to make sense of … Keep reading »

  • The Arctic Voyage of the Crystal Serenity

    Celebrating the Beginning of the “End Times”? “Global warming presents a clear and present danger to civilization.” — Lonnie G. Thompson, expert on glacial melt, 2010. Capitalism’s four-century obsession with finding a more profitable route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans is finally satisfied. The voyage of the Crystal Serenity through the Northwest Passage proclaimed the … Keep reading »

  • Overthrow the Capitalist System

    The Working Class: Saskatchewan’s Political Orphan

    We all suffer from the absence of working class politics. We are smothered in the business-oriented, neoliberal ‘consensus’ instructing us to reconcile ourselves to ‘the new reality’ – rollbacks in social welfare and universal publicly funded programs; huge tax cuts to business and the rich, driving up public debt and enriching finance capitalism; an end … Keep reading »

  • Wall: Sky Darkens for Sunshine Premier

    Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall had already broken one promise even before he called the election: “We didn’t make a lot of election promises, but we made one significant one – to keep Saskatchewan strong” (Regina Leader-Post, 18 June 2016) – unless, of course, you embrace that old bromide, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” … Keep reading »

  • Wall: Sunshine Premier Makes History

    Saskatchewan Party leader Brad Wall has earned a major place in Saskatchewan’s political history. On April 4 he broke the back of the NDP, the province’s “natural governing party” since 1944. Until Wall’s first victory in 2007 the CCF/NDP ruled the province, suffering only two interruptions. Liberal Ross Thatcher defeated Woodrow Lloyd’s CCF in 1964 … Keep reading »

  • Federal NDP’s Pact With Satan Implodes

    “No CCF Government will rest content until it has eradicated capitalism and put into operation the full programme of socialized planning which will lead to the establishment in Canada of the Co-operative Commonwealth.” — Regina Manifesto, 1933 The years of compromise and moderation were about to bear fruit in 2015. In 1933 the Co-operative Commonwealth … Keep reading »

  • Alberta: A Perfect Political Storm

    Election outcomes like Alberta’s do not come often: the total collapse of a four decade conservative dynasty and majority power for a party considered on the “left” in Canada. The reactions were typical: shock, elation, fear, uncertainty. No one saw it coming. Well, that’s not quite true. If you followed the polls you knew a … Keep reading »

  • How About a Memorial to the Victims of Harperism?

    “Only a fool would deny that millions have been the tragic victims of communism, but that number pales, surely, in comparison with the victims of capitalism.” — Roy MacGregor, Globe and Mail, 31 January 2015. Roy MacGregor was commenting on Harper’s latest ideological propaganda foray into keeping us safe by reminding us of all the … Keep reading »

  • The War Against the Islamic State

    Techno vs Medieval Barbarism Stephen Harper finally got his war in Iraq, something he demanded while in opposition when Bush’s ill-fated “coalition of the willing” was inveigled by the U.S. to bomb, invade and occupy Iraq, all contrary to international law. Harper’s war in Iraq will be a rather sad and inglorious affair, hardly up to … Keep reading »

  • Déjà Vu in Edinburgh

    “Should Scotland be an Independent Country?” — referendum question to be put to Scots on 18 September 2014. It was hard not to remember the 1995 Quebec sovereignty referendum as one walked the streets of Edinburgh in August. The Yes (Yes Scotland) and No (Better Together) sides campaigned relentlessly everywhere: tables in the streets; posters; … Keep reading »