Author: Jeff Noonan

Jeff Noonan is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Windsor, and maintains a blog at He is the author of The Troubles with Democracy.

  • One Million More Reasons to Mobilize Against Ford

    The public sector ‘salary restraint’ legislation was introduced on June 5th #QueensPark. The Bill is a shot across the bow of public sector unions, especially the teachers’ unions #OnPoli Keep reading »

  • Far-Right Identity Politics and the Task for the Left

    Identity politics is a key problem of our age, but the problem is typically misunderstood. Usually the left is vilified by the right for encouraging divisive politics rooted in the grievances of different minority groups. These groups are denounced for pursuing selfish agendas that harm the unity of the nation. The right then portrays itself … Keep reading »

  • Hard Question, No Answers

    I knew it would be coming: an essay in The Bullet trumpeting the “breakthrough” of Québec Solidaire (QS) in the recent Québec election. I agree: it was a breakthrough. QS increased its seat totals from 3 to 10, and won 16 per cent of the popular vote (over 600,000 votes). Unfortunately, their right-wing rivals, the … Keep reading »

  • After Paris: Understanding not Revenge

    1. At the basis of all concrete identities: “Muslim,” “Sunni,” “French citizen,” etc., lies a core human being, a capacity for self-making within the objective contexts of natural and social life. Selves are made, identities forged, reproduced, modified, and developed through processes of work and affective-symbolic interaction with other people within and across societies. Work … Keep reading »

  • The Public Value of Public Sector Strikes

    The essence of an unjust society is to continually demand and take from those with the least the little that they have to support their lives and life-goals and add it to the money-value hoards of those who have the power to restructure public life to serve their limitless appetites. So we see a recurrent … Keep reading »

  • Win This Strike!

    Following his election as President of Unifor, Jerry Dias, rallying the troops, argued: “Unifor is here because it’s time to stop playing defence and start playing offence. It’s time to stop reacting and time to start acting. It’s time to set the agenda . . . We have to show our collective power.” Let us … Keep reading »

  • The Weakness Unto Death

    On March 30th, 2013 Peter Kormos, as close to a socialist as the NDP had left in its ranks of former elected members, died. His death was perhaps an omen foretelling the extinction of the NDP as a party defined by principled commitment to building an alternative to a failed capitalist society. One week after … Keep reading »

  • Capitalist Life-Crises and The North American Left: Problems and Prospects

    The struggles across the Middle East and North Africa and on-going resistance to austerity in Europe catalysed a fightback in North America – the Occupy Movement – that no one saw coming. Together, all testify to the pervasive and deepening crisis of capitalism, not just as an economic system, but as a comprehensive way of … Keep reading »

  • The Windsor CUPE Strike: Implications for the Labour Movement and the Left

    Negotiations are scheduled to resume on Thursday, July 9th, between Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 82 (outside workers) and Local 543 (inside workers) and the City of Windsor. Local 82 has been on strike since April 15th. Local 543 joined the picket lines a few days later. The strike continued much longer than … Keep reading »