Author: Bryan Palmer

Bryan D. Palmer is the author of Revolutionary Teamsters: The Minneapolis Truckers’ Strikes of 1934 (Chicago: Haymarket, 2014), co-author of Toronto’s Poor: A Rebellious History, James P. Cannon and the Emergence of Trotskyism in the United States, 1928-1938 (forthcoming), and a past editor of the journal, Labour/Le Travail. He is Professor Emeritus, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario.

  • Donald Trump: Emperor of the Lumpen Proletariat or the Stalin of Capitalist Counter-Revolution?

    Donald Trump defies easy classification. His location within the politics of class eludes precise definition. If there is no doubt that he functions in the interests of capital, his capacity to not only expose but also exacerbate the fraction-ridden nature of this highly differentiated entity and the state that oversees its collective interests is unprecedented. … Keep reading »

  • The Far Right, Racism, and the Universities

    Memories of Western, Kenneth Hilborn, and the Politics of Opposition Marx wrote presciently in The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte (1852) that “The tradition of all the dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brain of the living.” Our current period is truly one of many bad dreams. Slavery’s horrors and state policies of ‘Indian’ … Keep reading »

  • Struggles at Home: The Canadian State, Labour, and Politics

    Transcending Pessimism, Reimagining Democracy – Session 1 This conference is in honour of Professor Emeritus Leo Panitch (York University). The conference was held October 6-7 at York University. More information here. Session 1 was moderated and introduced by Byron Sheldrick (University of Guelph). Presentations by: Chris Roberts – Canadian Labour Congress Rosemary Warskett – Carleton University … Watch video »

  • Launching the Socialist Register 2017: Rethinking Revolution

    Toronto — 12 January 2017. The main purpose of the 2017 edition of the Socialist Register (SR) – one century after “Red October” – is to look forward, to what might happen next. Moderated by Greg Albo. Panel discussion featuring: Joan Sangster and Bryan Palmer: “The Distinctive Heritage of 1917: Resuscitating Revolution’s Longue Durée” Leo … Watch video »

  • Canada Since 1960: A People’s History

    Canadian Dimension Toronto Book Launch: Toronto — 7 June 2016. Canadian Dimension magazine (CD) is this country’s oldest Left publication. In this new book, Canada Since 1960: A People’s History, 25 authors evaluate how CD discussed diverse subjects over a span of 50 years: 50 Years of Class Struggle; 50 Years of Art & Culture; 50 … Watch video »

  • Joan Sangster, Bryan Palmer and Gaetan Heroux – Class Struggles, TO – Women and the Poor in the City’s History

    Women and the Poor in the City’s History Toronto — 9 June 2016. A panel of activists and historians on the struggles of women and the poor in the city’s history. Moderated by Scott Forsyth. Presentations by: Joan Sangster teaches in the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies at Trent University. She has written articles and … Watch video »

  • Dining Out in Dinkytown

    Remembering the Minneapolis Truckers’ Strikes of 1934 If you are in Minneapolis, after a hard day’s night, the place to go for a morning pick-me-up is Al’s Breakfast. Or so I was informed. Being in the Twin Cities in mid-July, I made my way to the legendary AM eatery, located in the heart of Dinkytown, the … Keep reading »

  • Launching the Socialist Register 2014: Registering Class

    The 50th volume of the Socialist Register is dedicated to the theme of ‘registering class’ in light of the spread and deepening of capitalist social relations around the globe. Today’s economic crisis has been deployed to extend the class struggle from above while many resistances have been explicitly cast in terms of class struggles from … Watch video »

  • Capitalism and Confrontation

    Ottawa — 19 March 2010. Keynote address by Bryan Palmer, Trent University. Recorded at the 2nd Annual Conference of the Critical Social Research Collaborative (CSRC).

  • Working Class Fightback: Lessons of the Last Great Depression

    Toronto, January 25, 2009 – A 10 Minute Production Bryan Palmer, Labour Historian and AuthorCanada Research Chair in Canadian Studies at Trent University. The financial crisis has certainly brought on a deepening worldwide slump, with growing mass unemployment and impoverishment. There is also a crisis of working class institutions, in particular the union movement. How … Watch video »