Author: Asbjørn Wahl

Asbjørn Wahl is the director of the Campaign for the Welfare State, an adviser for the Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees, and the Vice President of the Road Transport Workers’ Section of the International Transport Workers' Federation. He is the author of The Rise and Fall of the Welfare State.

  • The Crisis of Social Democracy: From Norway to Europe

    The crisis of social democracy is being debated throughout Europe. Several of the historically strong labour parties have almost been wiped out in elections while others seem unable to recover from defeat. In the last few years, a number of social democratic parties have ended up with only one-digit election results (Greece, Ireland, Iceland, The … Keep reading »

  • Norwegian Elections: Another Right-Wing Victory, and a Serious Labour Defeat

    The centre-left failed in getting rid of the so-called ‘blue-blue’ government at the parliamentary elections in Norway on 11 September. The Labour Party was the main loser, while small parties on the centre-left advanced slightly. However, the parliamentary basis of the right-wing government has started to unravel. A deeper political crisis may be looming in … Keep reading »

  • Reactionary Working Class?

    Large parts of the western working class now seem to gather around right populists, demagogues, and racists. They vote for reactionary and fascistoid political parties. They helped to vote the UK out of the EU and to make Trump president of the world’s superpower number one, and they vote so massively for the far right … Keep reading »

  • Brexit and the Crisis of the Left

    The British majority in favour of leaving the EU (Brexit) was surprising, even shocking, to many. The discussion runs high on both the result and the causes. The confusion seems to be extraordinarily high on the left, in Britain as in the rest of Europe. In reality, the result of the referendum reflects an EU … Keep reading »

  • Norway’s Unions Confront Neoliberalism

    A Country Report from a Meeting of Left Trade Unionists in European For a long time, Norway has represented an exception in Europe and the word. The main reason has been the abundance of oil revenue, which has made Norway the only country in Europe without net state debt. Quite the opposite, the Norwegian government has … Keep reading »

  • After Paris: Unify Fights Against Austerity and Climate Change

    The Climate Summit in Paris has once again reminded us of how vulnerable we are on planet earth. However, humanity is faced with a number of deep and challenging crises: economic, social, political, over food – and, of course, over climate change, which is threatening the very existence of millions of people. These crises have … Keep reading »

  • From FAILURE20 to COP21

    Climate change is going on. Extreme weather conditions, storms, floodings, landslides, droughts and ice melting are reported ever more regularly from many parts of the world. Millions of people are losing their livelihood, their homes, their jobs – and many also their lives. The successive reports of the United Nation Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change … Keep reading »

  • Ten Points for a Trade Union Strategy Against Climate Change

    Since each of us gets only a few minutes for our contributions on such a large subject as climate change, I have chosen to put forward ten brief points for a trade union strategy against climate change. Firstly, I will establish some of the important factual basis on which we have to build our strategies … Keep reading »

  • The Norwegian National Election

    Europe’s Most Leftist Government Defeated by Right-Wing Coalition The red-green coalition government in Norway, whose political platform when it took power in 2005 was called the most progressive in Europe, experienced a bitter defeat in the country’s parliamentary election on 9 September. A coalition of four centre-right and right-wing parties, including a right-wing populist party, gained … Keep reading »

  • The Crisis of the European Welfare State

    An interview with Asbjørn Wahl Vladimir Simovic and Darko Vesic (VS and DV): Norway is considered as one of the most successful (economically, socially, etc.) countries in Europe and beyond. As such Norway is usually taken as a model for other countries to look up to. But the real question would be is Norway an exception … Keep reading »

  • The Rise and Fall of the Welfare State

    Asbjørn Wahl argues that the welfare state should be seen as the result of a class compromise forged in the 20th century. Recorded ion Toronto, 15 November 2012. Watch video »

  • The Left in Government — A Strategic Project

    Latin America and Europe Compared To Be in Office, But Not in Power The experiences from having had left political parties in government in Europe in the era of neoliberalism have not been very exciting, to put it mildly. The most recent experiences from such governments in France, Italy and – to a certain degree – also … Keep reading »