Author: Sam Gindin

Sam Gindin was research director of the Canadian Auto Workers from 1974–2000. He is co-author (with Leo Panitch) of The Making of Global Capitalism (Verso), and co-author with Leo Panitch and Steve Maher of The Socialist Challenge Today, the expanded and updated American edition (Haymarket).

  • Work Overload: Time for a Union Strategy

    Talk to workers in any sector, in any workplace and sooner or later they’ll get to their frustrations with their ever-increasing workloads: ‘I’m struggling’, they’ll lament to fellow workers or anyone ready to listen, ‘to just do the job, never mind do it well’. And yet even though few work-related issues seem to generate more … Keep reading »

  • Global Issues: Bringing Class Back In

    The new trade unionism of the 1930s brought dramatic new tactics such as the sit-downs, new strategies that included industry-wide bargaining, and spread new forms of in-plant democracy based on the shop steward system. Today, union structures are again in crisis, but nothing comparable to the labour explosion of the 30s has yet emerged or … Keep reading »

  • The Real Plan B: The New Greek Marathon

    In the face of being excluded from desperately needed funds and the threat of being kicked out of the European Union, the Greek parliament has now voted to accept the Troika memorandum. The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras acknowledged – unlike social democrats choosing to implement neoliberalism as part of their ‘modernization‘ – that this … Keep reading »

  • Treating Syriza Responsibly

    As against those on the international left so keen to put the boot in against the Syriza government with the charge that they had abjectly capitulated already with the plan passed in the Greek parliament, it is instructive to read this document from the German finance ministry. Syriza’s unique capacity on the international left to … Keep reading »

  • Record Profits, Record Stock Buybacks: Another Looming Crisis?

    Has the economy recovered or is it about to sink into another crisis? Do the shenanigans in finance that we regularly read about play a role in developing a stronger capitalism or do they cover up failures that will soon blow up in their faces? These can be mind-numbing questions, but they’re questions that activists, … Keep reading »

  • This Changes Everything

    Toronto — 11 January 2015. Capitalism vs the Climate The Lima Conference should have been a milestone that marked out how governments will take urgent action to tackle climate change and to support vulnerable people across the world to adapt to its locked in impacts. But it was a failure and ran up against a political-economic … Watch video »

  • When History Knocks

    To raise the environmental crisis in Canada is to simultaneously highlight the notorious Alberta Tar Sands, the fastest growing polluter in Canada. But the Tar Sands are more than an environmental issue. This crisis-in-motion is inseparable from other fundamental issues at the core of Canadian society: indigenous land claims, Canada’s integration to the American empire and its oil-hungry military leviathan, a focus on resource extraction as a core of Canada’s economic development and a set of contested values about ‘the good life.’ Keep reading »

  • Working Class Politics After the NDP

    Introduction: Crisis in Labour Politics The issue that we can’t ignore this Labour Day is the disorientation in our movement’s politics. List the issues working people are most concerned about today – whether deindustrialization, unemployment and underemployment; access to healthcare, childcare and pensions; poverty, racism, conditions of foreign workers and appalling levels of overall inequality; the … Keep reading »

  • False Hopes or Political Strategy?

    There are two points of common agreement amongst almost all sections of the Left. We are in the midst of a fundamental turning point in the earth’s environment from climate change, with many catastrophic consequences unfolding, from species extinction to habitat loss to enormous obstacles and costs for human adaptation; and the Left remains, in … Keep reading »

  • Unmaking Global Capitalism

    Nine Things to Know About Organizing in the Belly of the Beast When Karl Marx famously declared that while the “philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it,” he was asserting that it was not enough to dream of another world nor to understand the dynamics of the present. … Keep reading »

  • Raising Our Expectations

    Looking back to the defeat of the labour movement since the early 1980s, three lessons seem especially important. First, any gains made under capitalism are temporary; they can be reversed. Second, the kind of unionism we developed in that earlier period of gains was inherently limited; it left us in a poor position to respond … Keep reading »

  • Underestimating Capital, Overestimating Labour

    A Response to Andrew Kliman What caused the 2008 economic crisis? In an article published earlier this year, political economist Sam Gindin explained it “primarily as a financial crisis.” Writing for New Left Project, Andrew Kliman rejected this analysis, arguing that, had the crisis really been mainly financial, the economy would have recovered by now. Here, … Keep reading »