Author: Doug Nesbitt

Doug Nesbitt is a labour activist and is a co-editor of

  • Remembering the Metro Days of Action

    As Ontario faces a new round of neoliberal attacks on workers, the poor, racialized, and other marginalized communities it is important to draw lessons from past struggles. Watch video »

  • Boycott IKEA: Some Assembly Required

    Locked out for thirteen months, over three hundred IKEA workers in Richmond, BC are still holding out. While setting record profits in 2013, IKEA is trying to impose a two-tier wage system and seriously weaken benefits. The stakes are high as IKEA Richmond sets workplace standards for non-union IKEA stores. Of the twelve IKEA stores … Keep reading »

  • We Can Beat The Right And Win The Fight At Canada Post

    The decision by Canada Post to end home-delivery, increase postage and eliminate approximately 10,000 jobs is, in our opinion, an egregious assault on public services in Canada. If this plan goes through it will weaken the union movement, put a key federal public service on the path to privatization, and land another neoliberal blow against … Keep reading »

  • Heinz Leamington: Ripe for a Cooperative

    The closure of the Leamington, Ontario Heinz factory by mid-2014 will result in 740 job losses in the industrial and agricultural region of southwestern Ontario between London and Windsor, Ontario. Over thirty tomato farms are losing contracts with Heinz which will also put 350 migrant worker jobs at risk. The closure announcement comes only five … Keep reading »

  • Dissent Brews in the OSSTF

    Over a month has passed since Bill 115 was repealed by the Ontario Liberals, but the contracts imposed on the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) and Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) remain intact and effectively unchallenged. This has led to several incidents of open dissent from the ranks of OSSTF in particular. Throughout … Keep reading »

  • Kill Bill 115: Where is the Ontario Labour Movement Going?

    This week, Ontario’s teachers, education workers and students will be turning up the heat on the Liberal minority government and Bill 115, which imposes a concessionary bargaining agenda on teachers’ unions and the school boards, and allows the cabinet to change tentative agreements and stop strikes without even legislative oversight. The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of … Keep reading »

  • Waiting For a Walkout: The End of McGuinty?

    For the first time since the late 1990s, a provincial labour-related education bill has angered a substantial number of Ontarians, from students to parents and, of course, teachers. Bill 115, with the Orwellian title of “Putting Students First Act”, passed into law on September 11. To no surprise, the law received unanimous support from the … Keep reading »

  • Workers at CP Get Railroaded

    On May 23, 4800 CP Rail workers went on strike after giving a 72-hour strike notice on May 19. The workers, represented by the Teamsters Rail Conference of Canada, had voted 95 per cent in favour of a strike on April 27. The major issue is pensions, but there are also other areas of dispute … Keep reading »

  • Canadian Labour At The Crossroads?

    A wage cut of fifty per cent. An elimination of pensions. Cuts to benefits. These demands have inevitably led to a major showdown at a locomotive factory in London, Ontario between the 700 unionized workers of Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD) and Caterpillar, a massive U.S.-based corporation. The workers, members of Canadian Auto Workers Local 27, responded … Keep reading »