Author: Dan La Botz

Dan La Botz is the editor of Mexican Labor News and Analysis as well as a co-editor of New Politics.

  • Migrant Caravans Challenge the Continent’s Governments

    Central American migrants, both desperate and courageous, have thrust themselves into the center of Mexican and U.S. politics with their demand for refuge and asylum. As the head of the NGO Pueblos Sin Fronteras told a reporter, “This isn’t just a caravan, it’s an exodus created by hunger and death.” The thousands of migrants organized … Keep reading »

  • The Google Walkout

    #GoogleWalkout Thousands of Google employees throughout the United States and around the world walked off their jobs on November 1st. Keep reading »

  • Whither Catalonia?

    Dan La Botz, a co-editor of New Politics, interviewed Josep María Antentas, teacher of Sociology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and anticapitalist activist. First published on New Politics website. Dan La Botz (DL): The Catalan independence movement and its suppression by the Spanish state have garnered the attention of the world. What has … Keep reading »

  • DSA Convention 2017

    Successful Convention Moves DSA to Left

    The socialist movement in the United States took a big step forward this past weekend as almost 700 delegates representing over 25,000 members of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) met at the organization’s biennial national convention in Chicago (Aug. 3-6, 2017). This convention, the first since DSA more than tripled in size following last … Keep reading »

  • Important Strike in Mexico: Farm Workers Paralyze Baja Farms

    Thousands of farmworkers in the San Quintín Valley of Baja California, just 185 miles south of the U.S. border, struck some 230 farms, including the twelve largest that dominate production in the region, on March 17 interrupting the picking, packing, and shipping of zucchini, tomatoes, berries and other products to stores and restaurants in the … Keep reading »

  • Climate Convergence Moves Us Forward, But Challenges Us to Create a Strategy

    The Global Climate Convergence with its more than one hundred workshops, its large plenary sessions, and its miles-long mass march of more than 300,000 people, the largest climate protest in American history, represents a turning point for the environmental movement. The gigantic and passionate parade of indigenous people, ethnic groups of all sorts from everywhere … Keep reading »

  • The Working Class and Left Politics: Back on the American Radar

    The American political system, so highly polarized between conservative Republicans and moderate Democrats, has experienced in the last year some interesting changes on the left-hand margin of the national political scene. From Bill de Blasio’s victory in the mayoral election in New York City, to Kshama Sawant’s winning of a city council seat in Seattle, … Keep reading »

  • Prospects for a Continental Workers’ Movement: A Friendly Debate

    The two articles that follow are part of a debate on the prospects and problems of building international working-class solidarity and struggle. They focus on these issues for the case of North America, a continent bound together through NAFTA, continental economic integration, overlapping labour markets, and U.S.-Canadian unions. Dan La Botz’ article presents a very … Keep reading »

  • Mexico: Populist Lopez Obrador Moves Up in Polls

    Keynesian Impulses Give Way to Appeals to Business Mexico’s voters face an increasingly murky choice in the rapidly approaching July 1 national election between three conservative, pro-business candidates and a populist candidate who until recently offered Keynesian solutions to the country’s endemic problems of inadequate economic growth, huge economic and social disparities, and a political establishment … Keep reading »

  • Mexico: Why López Obrador?

    Book Review: Arturo Ramos and Maria Teresa Lechuga, ¿Por qué López Obrador? Mexico: Cultura, Trabajo y Democracia/Ceiba/Comuna Oaxaca. Second edition. 2011. 232 pages. While in Mexico last week as part of a labour union delegation from the United States to meet with Canadian and Mexican union officials, I was given this book by a professor … Keep reading »

  • A New American Workers’ Movement Has Begun

    Thousands of workers demonstrated at the state capital in Madison, Wisconsin on February 15 and 16 to protest plans by that state’s Republican Governor Scott Walker to take away the state workers’ union rights. Walker, cleverly attempted to divide the public workers by excluding police and firefighters from his anti-union law, and the media have … Keep reading »