Author: Bryan Evans

Bryan Evans is Full Professor in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at Ryerson University. Recent publications include Administrative State, Austerity: The Lived Experience (with Stephen McBride), and Canadian Provincial and Territorial Paradoxes: Public Finances, Services and Employment in an Era of Austerity (with Carlo Fanelli).

  • Another Round of Punishing Austerity in Ontario

    The eminent conservative scholar of public budgeting Aaron Wildavsky characterized annual budgets as a record of “victories, defeats, bargains, and compromises.” The province of Ontario’s 2019 Budget, the first of the new Conservative government of Doug Ford, does indeed tell us something of this – additional fiscal supports for business, erosion of social expenditures in … Keep reading »

  • Demeaning Democracy: Turning Doug Ford’s Attack on Toronto into a Movement for Democratic Renewal

    We, the undersigned group of scholars and teachers, deplore the autocratic and arbitrary reduction of ward representation for Toronto city council contained in Bill 5 being rushed through the Ontario Legislature by the just-elected Doug Ford-led Conservative provincial government. Keep reading »

  • Social Democracy After the Cold War

    Edited by Bryan Evans and Ingo Schmidt, published by AU Press. Guest speaker: Leo Panitch. Offering a comparative look at social democratic experience since the Cold War, the volume examines countries where social democracy has long been an influential political force – Sweden, Germany, Britain, and Australia – while also considering the history of Canada’s … Watch video »

  • Launch of the 2011 Socialist Register: The Crisis This Time

    Toronto — 20 January 2011. Listen to audio on Radio4All website Introduced and moderated by Leo Panitch, co-editor of the Socialist Register: Sam Gindin, is a former research director of the CAW and is currently the visiting Packer Chair in Social Justice at York University, Toronto – “Capitalist Crises and the Crisis this Time” Bryan … Watch video »

  • Labour Day 2010: Austerity, Public Services and the Labour Movement

    This Labour Day, like the last two, is dominated by the ongoing global economic crisis. Since 2008 Canada’s workers, working families, and the communities in which we make our lives, have endured a period of deep economic insecurity the likes of which we have not seen since the Great Depression. The crisis began in the … Keep reading »

  • Celebrating and Struggling This May Day

    The Long, Hard Haul at the Vale Inco Strike The fight of popular and workers’ movements across the world against neoliberal capitalism in the current period is not an easy one. The increasing reliance on global markets and corporate power as the vehicles for organizing economic, social and political life over the last two decades has … Keep reading »

  • Ontario’s Budgetary Dilemmas: Exit Strategies and Neoliberalism

    The financial panic that consumed U.S. mortgage markets two years ago quickly became a global economic crisis of alarming breadth and depth. No country or sector has been able to insulate itself from the turmoil. For the first time since the Great Depression, the world market as a whole is expected to register a contraction. … Keep reading »

  • ONDP Leadership: A Revival of Class Politics?

    On March 6-8, 2009, Ontario’s New Democrats gathered in Hamilton to select a new leader. After thirteen years of the lackluster leadership of Howard Hampton, the party turned to Hamilton MPP Andrea Horwath, beating out rivals Peter Tabuns, Gilles Bisson and Michael Prue. Horwath, the youngest of the four leadership candidates and the first woman … Keep reading »

  • Harper’s Bunker: The State, Neoliberalism and the Election

    The manner of governing of Stephen Harper’s Conservative government might be characterized as a paradox with a purpose. A sharp centralization of authority over decision-making and political management in the executive branches of the state – particularly to augment policing, warmaking and market-enhancing administrative capacities – is accompanied by an equally focused policy agenda that … Keep reading »

  • Neoliberalism and the State

    John Shields and Bryan Evans, professors of politics and public administration at Ryerson University, discuss neoliberalism and the State in Canada and the USA. Watch video »

  • The Poverty of Ontario’s Liberals: The 2008 Budget

    The 2008 Ontario budget is a particularly revealing political statement. Until now, the McGuinty Liberals have had a comparatively stable economy to contend with. Year after year since 2003, they have been able to very modestly expand public spending. How times change. The crisis within the manufacturing sector has deepened and now threatens to spill … Keep reading »

  • Budget 2008: Taxes and the Forward March of Neoliberalism

    Budgets are fundamentally political instruments. They reflect clearly who in society is winning, who is losing, and who is left standing still. They are a kind of political scoreboard. Canada’s 2008 Federal Budget, introduced by the minority Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper on February 26th, clearly states that if you work for a … Keep reading »