States and Markets: The Making of Globalization

Session 5 of the Transcending Pessimism, Reimagining Democracy conference: States and Markets: The Making of Globalization. Presentations by Dick Bryan, Ana Garcia, Sean Starrs and Pat Armstrong. Recorded in Toronto, 7 October 2017. Watch video »

Toronto – 7 October 2017

Transcending Pessimism, Reimagining Democracy – Session 5
States and Markets: The Making of Globalization

This conference is in honour of Professor Emeritus Leo Panitch (York University). The conference was held October 6-7 at York University. More information here.

Session 5 was moderated and introduced by Reg Whitaker (York University). Presentations by:

  • Dick Bryan – University of Sydney
  • Ana Garcia – Universite Federal Rural do Rio De Janeiro
  • Sean Starrs – City University of Hong Kong
  • Pat Armstrong – York University