General Strike 1919: Cabaret

An exciting cabaret evening of music and poetry with Zing Zing Zing, Afro-Métis Nation, Mike Katz and Rick Pearson, and Mohammad Ali. Recorded in #Toronto 14 May 2019. Watch video »

An exciting cabaret evening of music and poetry on the centenary of the Winnipeg General Strike (15 May 1919) celebrates its historical importance and enduring relevance to a diverse range of contemporary struggles.

MC’ed by David McIlwraith. Featuring:

  • Zing Zing Zing – UJPO choir sing “Bread and Roses” and “The Internationale.”
  • Afro-Métis Nation – perform selections from their debut CD, Constitution with George Elliott Clarke, Shelley Hamilton and Sugar Plum Croxen.
  • Mike Katz and Rick Pearson sing “Union Miners” and “Union Maids.”
  • Mohammad Ali – performs songs from his latest album Labour of Love.

Produced by the Cultural Committee of the Socialist Project and the Centre for Social Justice, and co-presented by The Toronto Workers History Project and Mayworks 2019. Recorded in Toronto, 14 May 2019.