Stir It Up: From Whitman to Marx w/George Elliot Clarke

George Elliott Clarke reads his poems. Recorded in Toronto, 5 May 2018. Watch video »

George Elliott Clarke reads his poems:

  1. Spirituals
  2. Whitman Compiles His Leaves
  3. On Queen Victoria, By Karl Marx
  4. Paul Robeson Salutes the USSR
  5. Damn

George Elliott Clarke is a Canadian poet, playwright and literary critic who served as the Poet Laureate of Toronto from 2012 to 2015 and as the 2016-2017 Canadian Parliamentary Poet Laureate. His work is known largely for its use of a vast range of literary and artistic traditions, its lush physicality and its bold political substance. One of Canada’s most illustrious poets, Clarke is also known for chronicling the experience and history of the Black Canadian communities of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, creating a cultural geography that he has coined ‘Africadia’.

Recorded in Toronto, 5 May 2018.