• Sharon Yandle

    Sharon is a writer and activist. She also taught labour relations and collective bargaining at the University of Victoria and worked as a freelance negotiator for various unions across British Columbia, specializing in arbitration and “duty to accommodate”. View all posts »

  • Lilian Yap

    Lilian Yap is at the Department of Political Science, York University, Toronto, and is a contributor to the book A Line in the Tar Sands (Between the Lines, 2014). View all posts »

  • Michael D. Yates

    Michael D. Yates is Associate Editor of Monthly Review and Director of Monthly Review Press. He blogs at CheapMotels and a View all posts »

  • Ezgi Yildiz

    Ezgi Yıldız is a Ph.D. candidate in International Relations at the Graduate Institute in Geneva Switzerland. She works on the human rights regime in Europe and state violence. View all posts »

  • Gaye Yilmaz

    Gaye Yilmaz is a lecturer at Bosphorus University, Istanbul. View all posts »

  • Kansu Yıldırım

    Kansu Yıldırım is an independent researcher based in Ankara and an editorial board member of Kampfplatz (Turkish journal of philosophy and social science), and a columnist for BirGün (Turkish left-wing daily newspaper). View all posts »

  • York Ad Hoc Committee Against the War

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  • Erdem Yörük

    Erdem Yörük is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Koç University in Istanbul and an expert on the political economy of welfare policy in Turkey, and more generally on the recent history of the working classes in the country. International readers may be familiar with his articles in the New Left Review and the South Atlantic Quarterly, which analyse the class dimensions and historical contexts of the Gezi protests. View all posts »

  • Art Young

    Art Young is a long-time socialist and solidarity activist who lives in Toronto, Canada. View all posts »

  • Zhang Yunfan

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