Author: Kansu Yıldırım

Kansu Yıldırım is an independent researcher based in Ankara and an editorial board member of Kampfplatz (Turkish journal of philosophy and social science), and a columnist for BirGün (Turkish left-wing daily newspaper).

  • The “New Turkey”

    Permanent State of Emergency and the Dream of Absolute Power After declaring a state of emergency in the country, the decree laws of the government have replaced the law and therefore the constitution (already suspended partially) in Turkey. The main aim of the government since the failed coup attempt is quickly avoiding the cases slowing down … Keep reading »

  • The “New Turkey’s” Test With Freedom of Thought and Expression: Resurgent Fascism?

    The petition by the “Academicians for Peace” in Turkey has resulted in an assault against the academic community of the country, which resembles the practices of the military junta of the September 12 1980, coup d’état. The petition itself and the reactions for/against it have gained a different momentum following the increasing pressure by the … Keep reading »