• Verónica Gago

    Verónica Gago teaches political theory, economy and sociology at the Universities of Buenos Aires and San Martín in Argentina. She was a member of the activist-research collective Situaciones, she is active at NiUnaMenos and in the movement for an international feminist strike. Her publications include Neoliberalism from Below: Popular Pragmatics and Baroque Economies (2017) and Feminist Revolution (2020). View all posts »

  • Gregor Gall

    Gregor Gall is Professor of Industrial Relations, University of Bradford. He is the editor of Scottish Left Review and the director of the Jimmy Reid Foundation. View all posts »

  • Dan Gallin

    Dan Gallin is Chair of the Global Labour Institute (, a labour service organization established in 1997 with a secretariat in Geneva. View all posts »

  • Mary Galvin

    Mary Galvin is an Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology and Development Studies at the University of Johannesburg. She holds an MA from Yale University and a PhD in political science from the University of California, Berkeley. Follow her tweets at @galvinh2o. View all posts »

  • Marvin Gandall

    Marvin Gandall is a former journalist and union official and is currently active in Climate Justice Victoria. View all posts »

  • Samir Gandesha

    Samir Gandesha is an associate professor in the department of the humanities and the director of the Institute for the Humanities at Simon Fraser University. He tweets at @SGandesha. View all posts »

  • Mahdi Ganjavi

    Mahdi Ganjavi is a Ph.D. student at the department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education, OISE/University of Toronto. A prolific essayist and author in Farsi, Ganjavi is one of the leading members of the online publication movement in Iran. His criticisms, translations, a book review, and essays have been published in journals/websites such as the International Journal of Lifelong Education, BBC Persian, Radio-Zamaneh, and will soon be published in Encyclopedia Irannica. View all posts »

  • Celia Garces

    Celia Garces is an investigator in Natural Resources at the Center for Documentation and Investigations (CEDIB) in Cochabamba, Bolivia. View all posts »

  • Ana Garcia

    Ana Garcia is Professor of International Relations at the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro and a researcher at PACS. View all posts »

  • Hassan N. Gardezi

    Hassan Gardezi is Professor Emeritus of sociology, a previous chair of sociology department, Punjab University, Lahore, now living in Canada. He writes regularly on Pakistan and South Asian affairs. View all posts »

  • Manuel Gari

    Manuel Gari is an economist, member of the Board and Advisory Council of Viento Sur, and Anticapitalistas activist. He is a contributor to the recent collection of essays Como si hubiera un mañana (Sylone and Viento Sur, 2020). View all posts »

  • Jeremiah Gaster

    Jeremiah Gaster, Ph.D. candidate, is both a political theorist and a comparativist, and as such is deeply interested in the study of both everyday life and the totalities and relations of power that structure everyday life. He is also interested in both the art of writing, and the art of giving the world to one’s children better than it was given to him. He is currently working on his dissertation Re-thinking Revolutions. View all posts »

  • Elisabeth Gauthier

    Elisabeth Gauthier is director of Espaces Marx (France), member of the managing board of transform! europe and member of the national committee of the French Communist Party. View all posts »

  • Saron Gebresellassi

    Saron Gebresellassi is a human rights lawyer. View all posts »

  • Sakis Gekas

    Sakis Gekas is a professor in the History Department at York University, Toronto. View all posts »

  • Elif Genc

    Elif Genc is a graduate student from York University and will be doing her Ph.D. in Politics at the New School for Social Research in New York. She is also an activist of the Kurdish social movement in Toronto and her research interests include the women of Rojava and the movement. View all posts »

  • Leonard Gentle

    Leonard Gentle is a long-time South African political activist and trade unionist, and is the retired director of the International Labour Research and Information Group (ILRIG). View all posts »

  • Lindsey German

    Lindsey German is a leading member of the Stop the War Coalition. View all posts »

  • Andrea Germanos

    Andrea Germanos is a staff writer for Common Dreams. View all posts »

  • Shreya Ghimire

    Shreya Ghimire is a graduate student in Political Science at York University. Her research interests are in Marxist and feminist critiques of development, gender and development, and the political economy of Canada’s international politics. View all posts »

  • Euan Gibb

    Euan Gibb is based in São Paulo, Brazil. He works with the global union Public Services International (PSI). View all posts »

  • Chris Gilbert

    Chris Gilbert is professor of political science in the Universidad Bolivariana de Venezuela. View all posts »

  • Jeremy Gilbert

    Jeremy Gilbert is Professor of Cultural and Political Theory, a writer, researcher and activist based at the University of East London. His most recent book is Common Ground. See for more information, or follow @jemgilbert. View all posts »

  • Michael Gilbertson

    Michael Gilbertson is from the University of Stirling. View all posts »

  • Tim Gill

    Tim Gill is an assistant professor of sociology at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. His research focuses on U.S. foreign policy towards Venezuela, particularly U.S. democracy promotion programs. He is the author of the forthcoming edited volume The Future of U.S. Empire in the Americas: The Trump Administration and Beyond due out in December 2019, Routledge Press. Follow his tweets at @timgill924. View all posts »

  • Sam Gindin

    Sam Gindin was research director of the Canadian Auto Workers from 1974–2000. He is co-author (with Leo Panitch) of The Making of Global Capitalism (Verso), and co-author with Leo Panitch and Steve Maher of The Socialist Challenge Today, the expanded and updated American edition (Haymarket). View all posts »

  • Henry A. Giroux

    Henry A. Giroux currently is the McMaster University Professor for Scholarship in the Public Interest and The Paulo Freire Distinguished Scholar in Critical Pedagogy. His most recent books include The Violence of Organized Forgetting (City Lights, 2014), Dangerous Thinking in the Age of the New Authoritarianism (Routledge, 2015), coauthored with Brad Evans, Disposable Futures: The Seduction of Violence in the Age of Spectacle (City Lights, 2015), and America at War with Itself (City Lights, 2016). His website is View all posts »

  • Dalie Giroux

    Dalie Giroux teaches in the School of Political Studies, University of Ottawa. She has published, inter alia, many studies on the cultural and scientific relationships between the Indigenous peoples and state cultures within capitalist society. View all posts »

  • Harry Glasbeek

    Harry Glasbeek is a Professor Emeritus and Senior Scholar, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University. His latest books are Class Privilege: How law shelters shareholders and coddles capitalism (2017) and the follow-up, Capitalism: a crime story (2018) both published by Between the Lines, Toronto. View all posts »

  • Glasgow Agreement

    We are more than 150 organisations from around the world that have committed to the Glasgow Agreement! View all posts »

  • Maurice Glasman

    Maurice Glasman is a Labour peer. View all posts »

  • Bruno Góis

    Bruno Góis is junior research fellow at the Institute of Social Sciences of Lisbon University, Master in International Relations, and Anthropology Ph.D. student. He is a member of Bloco de Esquerda (Portugal). View all posts »

  • Bülent Gökay

    Bülent Gökay is Professor of International Relations at SPIRE, Keele University and the founding editor of the Journal of Global Fault-lines. Vassilis K. Fouskas and Bülent Gökay are the authors of Power Shift. The Disintegration of Euro-Atlanticism and New Authoritarianism, forthcoming by Palgrave-Macmillan in November 2018. View all posts »

  • Michael Goldfield

    Michael Goldfield is Professor Emeritus of Political Science and currently Research Fellow at the Fraser Center for Workplace Issues at Wayne State University. He is the author of numerous articles and books, including The Decline of Organized Labor in the United States, and The Color of Politics: Race and the Mainsprings of American Politics. View all posts »

  • Haris Golemis

    Haris Golemis is an economist, Director of the Nicos Poulantzas Institute (Greece), member of the CPC of Synaspismos and on the Board of transform!europe. View all posts »

  • Niloofar Golkar

    Niloofar Golkar is a Toronto-based activist with Rising Tide Toronto and a graduate student in the Department of Political Science at York University. View all posts »

  • Cy Gonick

    Cy Gonick is the publishing and coordinating editor of Canadian Dimension. Recent books include Energy Security and Climate Change and Canada Since 1960: A People's History - A Left Perspective. View all posts »

  • Good Jobs For All

    Good Jobs For All is a coalition of unions and community groups in Toronto. View all posts »

  • Kanishka Goonewardena

    Kanishka Goonewardena was trained as an architect in Sri Lanka and now teaches urban design and critical theory at the University of Toronto. He is the author of “The Future of Planning at the 'End of History',” in Planning Theory (2003). View all posts »

  • Graeme Goossens

    Graeme Goossens is a warehouse worker and student. View all posts »

  • Sabrina GoPaul

    View all posts »

  • Todd Gordon

    Todd Gordon is the author of Cops, Crime and Capitalism: The Law-and-Order Agenda in Canada and Imperialist Canada. He teaches at Wilfrid Laurier University at Brantford. View all posts »

  • Stathis Gourgouris

    Stathis Gourgouris is Professor and former Director of the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society, Columbia University. View all posts »

  • Ozay Goztepe

    Özay Göztepe is a Marxist researcher from Turkey. He has a PhD degree in public administration and political science. He is one of the Academics for Peace who signed the declaration “We will not be party to this crime” in 2016. He is the editor and author of many books. His current research interests include far right, fascism, political Islam, the Nationalist Movement Party and Idealist Hearths in Turkey. View all posts »

  • Peter Graefe

    Peter Graefe is a member of the Hamilton Working Group on the Ontario Poverty Reduction Strategy. View all posts »

  • Peter Graham

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  • Chris Grawey

    Chris Grawey is a writer and activist. View all posts »

  • Paul Christopher Gray

    Paul Christopher Gray is a professor in Brock University’s Department of Labour Studies in St. Catharines, Ontario. View all posts »

  • David Gray-Donald

    View all posts »

  • Richard Greeman

    Richard Greeman has been active since 1957 in civil rights, anti-war, anti-nuke, environmental and labour struggles in the U.S., Latin America, France (where he has been a longtime resident) and Russia (where he helped found the Praxis Research and Education Center in 1997). He maintains a blog at View all posts »

  • Judith Green

    Judith Green is a longtime political activist who lives and works in Cambridge, England. View all posts »

  • Green Jobs Oshawa

    Green Jobs Oshawa is a coalition of workers, community leaders, environmentalists, labour and social justice advocates that includes Unifor Local 222, Canadian Union of Postal Workers, Durham Region Labour Council, Local 222 Retired Workers’ Chapter, Unifor Durham Region Environment Council, United Steelworkers Local 1005, Local 222 Political Action Committee, Centre for Social Justice. View all posts »

  • Hidayat Greenfield

    Hidayat Greenfield is currently the elected Regional Secretary for the Asia-Pacific section of the International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers' Associations (IUF). View all posts »

  • Glenn Greenwald

    Glenn Greenwald is a journalist for The Intercept. View all posts »

  • John Greyson

    John Greyson is a Canadian director, writer, video artist, producer and political activist, whose work frequently deals with gay themes. View all posts »

  • Kate Doyle Griffiths

    Kate Doyle Griffiths is active with International Women's Strike-U.S. and the Red Bloom collective in New York City. View all posts »

  • Daniel Grigor'ev

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  • Pierre-François Grond

    Pierre-François Grond is a member of the executive committee of the Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste (NPA) in France. View all posts »

  • Nick Grover

    Nick Grover has a Master’s in History and currently works at an Ottawa-based INGO. He organizes with Free Transit Ottawa, a grassroots group advocating for free, reliable, and accessible transit in the city. View all posts »

  • Julio César Guanche

    Julio César Guanche is a Cuban professor and researcher with a particular interest in politics, history, and the law. He is currently enrolled in the PhD program in History of the Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales in Ecuador. He blogs at View all posts »

  • Sean Guillory

    Sean Guillory is the host of the SRB Podcast, a weekly podcast on Eurasian politics, history, and culture and the digital-scholarship curator in the Russian and East European Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh. His website is at and tweets at @seansrussiablog. View all posts »

  • Arun Gupta

    Arun Gupta is a founding editor of the Indypendent magazine and was a founding editor of the Occupy Wall Street Journal. He is working on a book about the decline of the American empire. He maintains a blog at View all posts »

  • Efe Can Gürcan

    Efe Can Gürcan is an instructor and Ph.D. candidate in sociology at Simon Fraser University. View all posts »

  • Shalmali Guttal

    Shalmali Guttal is the Executive Director of Focus on the Global South. She researches, writes, and campaigns on economic and social development issues in Asia. The central themes of this work are women’s rights, food sovereignty, agrarian reform, and natural, social, and knowledge commons. View all posts »

  • Gregor Gysi

    Gregor Gysi, chairman of the Left Party (Die Linke) representatives in the Bundestag. View all posts »