Author: Celia Garces

Celia Garces is an investigator in Natural Resources at the Center for Documentation and Investigations (CEDIB) in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

  • Bolivia’s Mine Nationalization of South American Silver in Mallku Khota

    On July 7th, 2012 the Bolivian police launched a rescue operation to recover hostages that were being detained by some indigenous community members opposed to South American Silver’s exploration operations in their territories. Despite initial claims made by the police and government about the nature of the death and the other injuries that resulted, it … Keep reading »

  • Mallku Khota

    A Briefing on South American Silver’s Actions in Bolivia Prepared by Celia Garces in conjunction with CEDIB, Cochabamba The indigenous community of Mallku Khota is in a state of emergency for resisting the continued operations of South American Silver Corporation‘s (SASC) subsidiary, Compañía Minera Mallku Khota (CMMK). On May 28th, 2012, the governor of Potosi pleaded to … Keep reading »