Author: Todd Gordon

Todd Gordon is the author of Cops, Crime and Capitalism: The Law-and-Order Agenda in Canada and Imperialist Canada. He teaches at Wilfrid Laurier University at Brantford.

  • Doug Ford – Ontario’s Donald Trump?

    Todd Gordon is interviewed by Ashley Smith about what led to Doug Ford’s election in Ontario and what this means for Canadian politics. Keep reading »

  • Profits, Coercion, and Resistance

    An Introduction to the symposium on Blood of Extraction: Canadian Imperialism in Latin America An article published in Third World Quarterly in 2008 was our initiation into collaborative work on Canadian mining imperialism and the popular forms of resistance it systematically engenders in Latin America. The first seed. After a lengthy stretch of germination, this led … Keep reading »

  • Book forum: Empire’s Ally: Canada and the War in Afghanistan

    Toronto — 19 January 2014. This forum was part of the Canadian Peace Alliance convention weekend in Toronto. Moderated by James Clark. Presentations by: Greg Albo teaches Political Economy at the Department of Political Science, York University Todd Gordon teaches Society, Culture, and Environment studies at Laurier University Angela Joya is Professor of Global Political … Watch video »

  • Paraguay’s Parliamentary Coup and Ottawa’s Imperial Response

    A soft-coup has ousted Centre-Leftist Fernando Lugo from the presidency in Paraguay and replaced him with Vice-President, but long-time political enemy, Federico Franco of the inaptly named Partido Liberal Radical Auténtico (Authentic Radical Liberal Party, PLRA). Using as pretext a bloody confrontation last week between landless peasants occupying a large-landholding in Curuguaty, near the Brazilian … Keep reading »

  • The Cartagena Accord: A Step Forward for Canada in Honduras

    Honduras entered a new political phase on May 28 with the return of exiled former President Manuel Zelaya. His repatriation followed the signing of the Cartagena Accord between Zelaya, Honduran strongman Porfirio “Pepe” Lobo, and the governments of Colombia and Venezuela. From the vantage point of Canadian imperialism – a major external force in Honduras … Keep reading »

  • Imperialism and the Future of the Honduran Resistance

    From Cartagena to Tegucigalpa Just over a month ago, on May 22, 2011, the Cartagena Accord was signed by the Venezuelan, Colombian, and Honduran governments. The event facilitated the return of ousted Honduran President, Manuel Zelaya (also a signatory to the Accord), to Tegucigalpa on May 28, and the readmission of Honduras into the Organization of … Keep reading »

  • Military Coups are Good for Canadian Business: The Canada-Honduras Free Trade Agreement

    Last week Canadian negotiators met with their Honduran counterparts in Tegucigalpa to discuss a free trade agreement (FTA). Negotiators from the two countries last met in Ottawa in December. According to the Honduran press, an agreement is close to being completed. This marks an alarming development in the efforts of the Canadian state and multinational … Keep reading »

  • Canadian Imperalism Stumbles Onward

    Imperialism is obviously not always conducted with the frightening roar and unmistakeable destruction of shock and awe. In such moments does the power and horror of imperialism become crystal clear. More often than not, though, imperialist power is projected less dramatically: diplomatic meddling, funding or tacitly supporting a compliant organization over a non-compliant one in … Keep reading »

  • From Honduras to Haiti

    A discussion of recent political developments in, and solidarity efforts for, Honduras and Haiti. Both countries have been at the forefront of Canadian and American imperialist intervention in the region. In Honduras, the violent repression of anti-coup activists continues with the support of American and Canadian imperialism, as those same imperial powers plan their free … Watch video »

  • Canada’s Long Embrace of the Honduran Dictatorship

    Peter Kent recently returned from a three day trip (February 17-20) to Honduras, proudly declaring the mission a success. As Canada’s Minister of State for the Americas, Kent is the Tory government’s point person for Canada’s growing political and economic interests in the region. Honduras has become an important focus of those interests, since the … Keep reading »

  • Consolidating the Coup in Honduras? Pepe Lobo, Imperialism, and the Resistance

    A country of sharp inequality and class polarization, Honduras recently returned to the frontlines in the battle for Latin America’s soul. The terrain of struggle has shifted on multiple occasions over the last seven months, following the military coup against the democratically-elected President, Manuel “Mel” Zelaya. The battle entered its latest phase last week with … Keep reading »

  • Canadian Mining and Popular Resistance in Honduras

    Carlos Danilo Amador interviewed by Todd Gordon and Jeffery R. Webber JRW/TG: We’re here in Tegucigalpa, Honduras (January 26). Can you give us your name and position in your organization? CDA: My name is Carlos Danilo Amador. I am the General Secretary of the Regional Environmental Committee of the Valle de Siria, a region in Honduras. … Keep reading »