Author: Lilian Yap

Lilian Yap is at the Department of Political Science, York University, Toronto, and is a contributor to the book A Line in the Tar Sands (Between the Lines, 2014).

  • From the Tar Sands to ‘Green Jobs’? Work and Ecological Justice

    The ecological and social implications of climate change have – or should – become a central parameter for all discussions of work and capitalism. It is generally agreed that reliance on the burning of fossil fuels as the pre-eminent energy source for production and consumption over the history of capitalism is the critical factor in … Keep reading »

  • From the TarSands to ‘Green Jobs’? Work and Ecological Justice

    From deforestation, toxic pollution, to greenhouse gas emissions, there is no doubt that tar sands development has been and will be an immensely destructive force, first for the communities who are already living within its reach, but ultimately, through its impacts on global climate, for the planet as a whole. There are people who can … Keep reading »