Author: Natalie Mehra

Natalie Mehra is Executive Director of the Ontario Health Coalition.

  • Fighting Ford: Ontario’s New Healthcare Act

    It is called “The People’s Health Care Act.” But the new healthcare omnibus Bill 74 does not reflect his promises to “the people” in the election. Keep reading »

  • The Fight to Rebuild and Improve Public Healthcare

    Analysis of the cuts to healthcare funding in Ontario and what we need to do to secure, rebuild and improve public healthcare for all. Watch video »

  • Punitive Austerity: Ford, the Tories and the Coming Cuts

    Many Ontarians are captured by the idea of getting the same or more services for less money. But few know what the numbers might actually mean. Since Doug Ford [Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario] did not release a clear platform, Ontarians know more about how much a beer may cost if the … Keep reading »

  • Private Billing and Health Clinics: Rebuild Capacity in Public Hospitals

    In the Globe and Mail this weekend, physicians who are extra-billing patients for services at private clinics justified themselves by complaining that they cannot get operating room time and waits are too long in the public system. Let’s be honest, these problems do exist. But these problems do not justify double-billing – charging the public … Keep reading »

  • Hands Off Our Healthcare, Hydro, Transit and Housing

    Toronto — 21 February 2016. Privatization is everywhere in the city, our province, and across the country, whether is is selling off public resources and services; financing and managing public projects through public/private partnerships (P3s); contracting out the public capacity to manage and oversee the operation of programmes we all need. Privatization seeks to transform … Watch video »

  • Book Launch: Power in Coalition

    Toronto, September 7, 2010. Moderated by Steve Watson, CAW staff. Part 1: Amanda Tattersall – is an Australian researcher, union and community organizer and the founder of the Sydney Alliance, a diverse coalition of unions, community organizations and religious organizations. Amanda spent three years in Canada, Australia and the United States researching some of the … Watch video »

  • Starving Healthcare

    Toronto, June 19, 2010. Part 1: Colin Leys is honorary professor of politics at Goldsmiths College London and editor of the 2010 Socialist Register. View part 2 on Youtube website Part 2: Natalie Mehra is director of Ontario Health Coalition.

  • Launch of Socialist Register 2010: Morbid Symptoms, Health Under Capitalism

    Part 1: A panel discussion with contributing authors: Colin Leys (Health, health care and capitalism), Pat Armstrong (Contradictions at work: struggles for control in Canadian health care), Roddy Loepky (Certain wealth: Accumulation in the health industry). Part 2: Commentators: Dr Andy Coates (Physicians for a National Health Program, Co-Chair, Single Payer New York) and Natalie (Mehra, Director, Ontario Health Coalition). Watch video »

  • What’s Wrong with Ontario’s Health Ministry and How to Fix It

    Health Minister David Caplan’s resignation is the right thing in the wake of scathing Provincial Auditor’s reports and repeated exorbitant salary revelations at the Ministry of Health (MOH). Undoubtedly in upcoming days the McGuinty government will scramble to contain the damage. This time, it is vital that the Premier and new Health Minister understand that … Keep reading »