Author: Judith Deutsch

Judith Deutsch is a member of Independent Jewish Voices, and president of Science for Peace. She is a psychoanalyst in Toronto. She can be reached at

  • Nuclear Weapons and Extreme Threats

    A Tale of Two Men Handling Emergency One man reacted to emergency and the other one didn’t. The two men are Richard Feynman (1918 – 1988), the highly revered Nobel Prize laureate nuclear physicist, and 22-year old David Livingston, Senior Airman and missile repairman who was killed in the Titan II nuclear missile accident in Damascus, … Keep reading »

  • The Mass Psychopathy of Shamelessness: From Israel to the UN

    Why write about sadism and shamelessness now? Because it’s worse, it’s complex and its causes and effects need to be better understood. Its physical and psychological manifestations are day-to-day, uninhibited, and public: daily extra-judicial police killings like George Floyd in Minneapolis, the police killing of 32-year-old Iyad el-Hallak in Jerusalem, Muslims in India. Historian J. … Keep reading »

  • COVID-19 in Gaza

    The Covid-19 pandemic is confronting governments around the world with an emergency health situation, requiring self-isolation, population lockdowns of many economic activities and households, mass virus testing, screening and hospitalizations, and much more. In areas of the world in the midst of armed conflict, military occupation, hosting refugee camps, or large pools of migrant workers, … Keep reading »

  • Are Climate and Disaster Victims Violent?

    Klare’s Paean to the American Military Michael T. Klare’s new book, All Hell Breaking Loose: The Pentagon’s Perspective on Climate Change, is an uncritical paean to the American military. He credits the Pentagon with taking climate science seriously. But he does not question, bring contradictory evidence, or analyze the military’s self-appointed role as global manager of … Keep reading »

  • COP-Out: The Military and Climate Change/Justice

    The world situation is much worse than generally acknowledged. This December, the coinciding meetings of NATO and of the climate change Conference of the Parties (COP25) were barely reported, much less analyzed, even though the delegates held the fate of humanity in their hands. To some degree, both meetings are secret, and their unelected delegates … Keep reading »

  • Global Israel

    Securocratic War, Securocratic Borders, Securocratic Emissions Globally, human societies are veering toward the precipice of a cascading extinction event that is traceable to 20th century wars and to accelerated dangers following the end of the Cold War. This pivotal time could have seen the end of nuclear weapons and the near elimination of greenhouse gas emissions. … Keep reading »

  • Ways of Seeing Children: The Facile Psychology of Capitalism

    The majesty and burning of the child’s death…After the first death, there is no other. – Dylan Thomas The sniper who shot at Muhammad the childBeneath his father’s armWasn’t acting alone – Aharon Shabtai J’Accuse If you are overcome by the horrific crimes committed against children and then wonder how such cruelty can be, it … Keep reading »

  • Lessons for the Climate Emergency

    Rationing, Moratoriums, Ending War “The bad news is that if history teaches us one thing, it is that there never has been an energy transition… The history of energy is not one of transitions, but rather of successive additions…” Bonneuil and Fressoz, The Shock of the Anthropocene. The New Deal and World War II are reminders … Keep reading »

  • People Music: From Mozart to Climate Change

    David Yearsley’s fine article “Disaster Music” in April 12 Counterpunch generates thoughts about what can be called People Music. At present, global political and environmental events unfold disastrously. Yearsley writes about people in the past facing the forces of natural catastrophes, framed as People versus God in Handel’s powerful music: “…earthquakes on land and beneath … Keep reading »

  • Episode 14: Saudi Arabia, MBS, and Everlasting War w/ Medea Benjamin

    In this wide-ranging interview, Oats speaks with celebrated activist and writer Medea Benjamin about Saudi’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS), Saudi’s Twitter spat with Canada last year, and how to connect questions of everlasting war with climate and environmental issues. Listen to audio »

  • Wealth and the Invisibility of Human Life

    Judith Deutsch reviews Quinn Slobodian new book Globalists: The End of Empire and the Birth of Neoliberalism. Keep reading »

  • Exterminators-in-Chief: Trudeau, Bolsonaro, et al, and Informed Consent

    I read the Canadian news today: “Pipeline expansion should be approved: regulator.” Regulators ignorantly, negligently, criminally, and in contempt of life, yet again gave the go-ahead to money over incontestable science. Liberal democratic Canada is in league with Brazil’s military dictatorship and the Lima Group. Keep reading »