Author: Jordy Cummings

Jordy Cummings is a writer and PhD candidate at York University.

  • This Is Not an Obituary: Listening to Ornette Coleman

    Ornette Coleman died in June of a cardiac arrest on the same day as an infamous bad guy actor, Christopher Lee and legendary professional wrestler Dusty Rhodes. One can’t help but chuckle at the Colemanesque improvisation of the Grim Reaper. Coleman was perhaps the jazz musician with the most theoretical depth, even if his own … Keep reading »

  • Class 101: Workers, Middle Class, and the 1%

    Toronto — July 2014. A discussion between John Sharkey and Jordy Cummings about class… what is class, manual vs intellectual labour, what is exploitation, and how does it relate to other oppressions? The relation of labour struggles to other social movements? John Sharkey and Jordy Cummings are both active members of the Education Committee of … Watch video »

  • The Contradictions of Localism

    Jordy Cummings (JC): Your book is called No Local and it is an immanent critique of inward looking reactions to neoliberal capitalism. One poignant episode you recount surrounds urban agriculture, and the idea that we’ve come to a really problematic situation when poor people are encouraged to grow their own food in addition to working … Keep reading »

  • The Geopolitical Ecology of Empire’s Ally

    Jordy Cummings interviews Greg Albo and Jerome Klassen Jordy Cummings (JC): One of the overarching themes of Empire’s Ally in general,and your contribution in particular, is a questioning of the predominant thesis held by supporters and detractors of the Conservative government, that is to say, the idea that there was a qualitative shift in Canadian foreign … Keep reading »

  • Cockburn and Vidal: a Dying Breed

    In just the last few weeks, the radical left has lost two of its most important, elegant and eccentric voices, Alexander Cockburn and Gore Vidal. Much (virtual) ink has already been spilled about the manifold aspects of their careers. To be an unabashed cliché monger, Cockburn and Vidal were men of the twentieth century to … Keep reading »

  • No Fare is Fair

    A Roundtable with Members of the Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly Transit Committee The Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly (GTWA) is a promising new initiative aiming to build a united, non-sectarian, and militant anti-capitalist movement in the city among a diversity of rank-and-file labour unionists, grassroots community organizers, and youth alike. Since the GTWA’s inception in early 2010, … Keep reading »

  • Public Sector Unions and the Consultations for Austerity

    Nearly six months have gone since the G20 Summit in Toronto when we supposedly entered what some have referred to as “permanent austerity” – the “new normal” of capitalist social relations. Whilst using the significant resources of the state to inject liquidity into markets and ensure corporate and banking profits, ruling classes simultaneously are cutting … Keep reading »

  • Austerity, Disabilities and Union Rights: Opposing Bill 83

    On the twenty-eighth of October, a bill passed Second Reading in the Ontario Legislature, a bill that is a clear danger to the labour movement’s ability to win fair contracts and defend public services. Bill 83 which essentially outlaws picketing outside of group homes housing people with intellectual and other disabilities that require home-care. Read … Keep reading »

  • The Class Struggle in Vaughan: The Sears Lockout and USW

    In the last week of July 2010, workers of United Steelworkers (USW) Local 9537, who have been locked out of their workplace and on the picket-lines for nearly five months, found a big pile of shit sitting right smack-dab by their picket-line outside of a warehouse in Vaughan, just north of Toronto.[1] One could not … Keep reading »