Toronto 1919

Play by the Toronto Workers’ Theatre Group in memory of the Toronto General Strike in 1919. Recorded in Toronto, 14 May 2019, part of the Cabaret 1919. Watch video »

Toronto Workers’ Theatre Group presents: “Toronto 1919”

The Toronto General Strike:
In the spring of 1919, thousands of workers were raising a clenched fist of defiance to bosses and politicians all across Canada. The most famous event was the general strike in Winnipeg. But there were dramatic moments of class confrontation in many other towns and cities too. Here in Toronto, the labour movement was rapidly signing up thousands of new members, but showing deepening signs of a divide between visionary radicals and cautious labour bureaucrats. That tension was played out in a five-day general strike in Toronto, which began on May 30th but had petered out well before the violence erupted in Winnipeg in June. It is a little-known story of determination and political struggle.

Written by Craig Heron. Directed by Aida Jordão. Performed by the Toronto Workers’ Theatre Group, part of the Toronto Workers’ History Project. Complete program PDF. Recorded in Toronto, 14 May 2019, part of the Cabaret 1919 evening.