Author: Yves Engler

  • Trudeau Doctrine

    Many Canadians are familiar with the Monroe Doctrine. First issued in 1823, it warned European powers against renewed colonization of the Western Hemisphere. Presented as anti-imperialist, the Monroe Doctrine was … Keep reading »

  • Stop Signs

    Booklaunch: Stop Signs: Cars and Capitalism on the Road to Economic, Social and Ecological Decay, with authors Bianca Mugyenyi and Yves Engler. Watch video »

  • Is Canada More pro-Israel than the U.S.?

    In June, Israel began barring some North Americans with Palestinian-sounding names entry through Ben Gurion Airport. Forced to reroute through a land-border crossing that connects the West Bank with Jordan, … Keep reading »

  • Canada and Honduras

    Hostility to the military coup in Honduras is increasing. So is the Harper government’s isolation on the issue. At Saturday’s special meeting of the Organization of American States (OAS) Canada’s … Keep reading »