Author: Rosemary Warskett

Rosemary Warskett has taught at Carleton University for many years.

  • Struggles at Home: The Canadian State, Labour, and Politics

    Transcending Pessimism, Reimagining Democracy – Session 1 This conference is in honour of Professor Emeritus Leo Panitch (York University). The conference was held October 6-7 at York University. More information here. Session 1 was moderated and introduced by Byron Sheldrick (University of Guelph). Presentations by: Chris Roberts – Canadian Labour Congress Rosemary Warskett – Carleton University … Watch video »

  • Labour Day: Signs of Renewal?

    Labour Day Weekend is upon us, and many union activists and their families will be out marching and picnicking, joining with brothers and sisters from other unions in a show of solidarity. While their participation is heartfelt there is no doubt many of them are asking what is there to celebrate? There are a few … Keep reading »

  • Postal Workers Confront Canada Post: The Struggle Continues in 2016

    A major confrontation is in the making at Canada Post. On the one hand, post office management is seeking to extract a series of far ranging concessions from its workers. On the other, those workers and their union, Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW), are not simply prepared to resist these demands, but are determined … Keep reading »

  • Building Solidarity Against Austerity: Learning From Our Past

    Ottawa — 26 April 2014. Moderated by Simone Powell. Presentations by: Rosemary Warskett is a former PSAC Staff Rep. Jean-Claude Parrot is the former National President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW), and is the author of My Union, My Life. Part of Building Solidarity Against Austerity – A Dayschool on Past and … Watch video »

  • The Campaign Against the Rand Formula

    It has been widely reported that Pierre Poilievre, the Federal Conservative MP for Nepean-Carleton, has launched a campaign to change the rules regarding the payment of union dues [See his November 2012 letter to his constituents]. The object of Mr. Poilievre’s ire is the “Rand Formula” – the union security clause found in most collective … Keep reading »