Author: Pham Binh

Pham Binh's articles have been published by Asia Times Online, Znet, Counterpunch, and The Indypendent. All of his writings on Occupy Wall Street and other topics can be found at

  • U.S. Election: Sawant, Stein, and Post-2012 Left Strategy

    With more than 16,000 votes (a whopping 28 per cent of the vote), the campaign of Socialist Alternative’s Kshama Sawant in Washington’s 43rd legislative district is a bright beacon of … Keep reading »

  • Lenin and Occupy

    Many socialists have cheered Lars Lih’s demolition of the textbook interpretation of Lenin’s work in Lenin Rediscovered (2008) without examining how many of our own preconceptions on the subject are … Keep reading »

  • You Can’t Evict a Revolution

    At 1 a.m. the New York Police Department (NYPD) began clearing Liberty Plaza of the hundreds of occupiers who camp there every night. People were told to leave with their … Keep reading »

  • The 99% Occupy Wall Street

    The entrapment and arrest of 700 peaceful Occupy Wall Street (OWS) activists on the Brooklyn Bridge has created a huge wave of support for their movement. The number of daytime … Keep reading »