Author: Nathan Rao

Nathan Rao is a longtime member of the Toronto Left who has been living in Paris since 2012. He can be reached at natrao[at]tuta[dot]io.

  • France: The Radical Left in the Maelstrom

    Toronto — 10 January 2016. Your browser does not support the audio element. Download audio file france.oga With the November 13th terrorist attacks, the strong showing of the far-Right Front National in regional elections, and the COP21 climate conference in Paris, France has been in the headlines a great deal in recent weeks. Yet we … Watch video »

  • France: One year after the Sarkozy defeat

    Toronto — 8 August 2013. Part 1: François Hollande and his Socialist Party came to power following presidential and legislative elections in May-June 2012. While the defeat of hard-right president Nicolas Sarkozy and his UMP party certainly came as a huge relief, Hollande and his government have essentially pursued the same agenda as the defeated … Watch video »

  • Another Left is Possible

    The New Anti-Capitalist Party It would be wrong to see last Thursday’s massively successful protest actions in France as distant and exotic, of no particular relevance to us here in Canada. With the economic meltdown heralding a new political era, and with most of the country’s Left and social movements still stunned and disoriented following their … Keep reading »

  • Radical-Left Strategy in a Time of Right-Wing Consensus and “Centre-Left” Illusion

    In these difficult times, those of us on the radical Left have learned to be grateful for tender mercies. And so it goes with the results of the October 14th federal election. A few bits of good news immediately come into view: the hard-Right crew around Stephen Harper was denied a majority government; and the … Keep reading »

  • Canada, Quebec and the Left: Outflanked Again?

    The surprise Conservative motion recognizing that the “Québécois form a nation within a united Canada” and the unexpected selection of Chrétien protégé, technocrat and Clarity Act point man Stéphane Dion as Liberal leader have shown (yet again) just how important Quebec is to Canadian political life. And for at least the fifth time in the … Keep reading »