Author: Kyle Bailey

Kyle Bailey is a PhD candidate in the Department of Politics at York University in Toronto.

  • Revaluing Capitalism for the Long-Term?

    In the wake of the 2007–08 financial crash, the mainstream debate has not focused on the choice between socialism or barbarism, but rather on ‘reinventing capitalism’. Faced with a populist ‘other’ ranging from ‘Trump and Brexit’ to the popular but as-yet-ill-defined ‘socialism’ of Corbyn and Sanders, the liberal bourgeoisie in the Atlantic heartland of the … Keep reading »

  • Lessons of the 2015 CUPE Local 3903 Strike

    It has now been over one year since the end of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) 3903 strike at York University in March 2015. [Ed.: see Bullet No. 1088 and Bullet No. 1091 for more background information.] This strike began when 3,700 teaching assistants, contract faculty, graduate assistants and research assistants voted to … Keep reading »