Author: Colin Leys

Colin Leys is an honorary professor at Goldsmiths University of London and Professor Emeritus at Queen’s University, Kingston. He is the author of Market Driven Politics: Neoliberal Democracy and the Public Interest and, with Stewart Player, The Plot Against the NHS (Merlin Press, 2011).

  • Socialist Register 2019: The World Turned Upside Down

    The Toronto launch of the Socialist Register 2019: The World Turned Upside Down, with Sam Gindin, Nicole Aschoff, Colin Leys, and co-editors Greg Albo and Leo Panitch. Watch video »

  • After Carillion: The Struggle to Democratize Social Services

    Carillion’s failure has been compared to the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, but what the Lehman case shows is that you can engage in behaviour that puts millions out of work, and destroys the hopes of a generation, and not pay any price, or significantly change your behaviour. Keep reading »

  • Britain: The Health and Social Care Bill and the Negation of Democracy

    In voting, in the British House of Commons, for the third reading of Andrew Lansley‘s Health and Social Care Bill last week MPs voted to replace the National Health Service (NHS) as a public service with a system of competing businesses – foundation trusts, social enterprises and for-profit corporations. The government’s claim that the Bill … Keep reading »

  • NHS Not For Sale

    What Matters Is What Works

    The State and the National Health Service in Scotland and Wales As expert commentators have amply shown, the Coalition’s plan to privatise the National Health Service (NHS) lacks any basis in evidence – no surprise there. What is less well recognised, and so far amazingly unmentioned in the debate – is that powerful evidence against privatization … Keep reading »

  • Starving Healthcare

    Toronto, June 19, 2010. Part 1: Colin Leys is honorary professor of politics at Goldsmiths College London and editor of the 2010 Socialist Register. View part 2 on Youtube website Part 2: Natalie Mehra is director of Ontario Health Coalition.

  • The Dictatorship of the Market

    Colin Leys is an honorary professor of politics at Goldsmiths College London, and former Professor of Politics at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada. He is co-editor of the current Socialist Register, Morbid Symptoms: Health Under Capitalism (2010). Another of Colin’s recent books is Market-Driven Politics, a close examination of neoliberalism and state policy. Edward Lewis, … Keep reading »

  • Launch of Socialist Register 2010: Morbid Symptoms, Health Under Capitalism

    Part 1: A panel discussion with contributing authors: Colin Leys (Health, health care and capitalism), Pat Armstrong (Contradictions at work: struggles for control in Canadian health care), Roddy Loepky (Certain wealth: Accumulation in the health industry). Part 2: Commentators: Dr Andy Coates (Physicians for a National Health Program, Co-Chair, Single Payer New York) and Natalie (Mehra, Director, Ontario Health Coalition). Watch video »

  • Morbid Symptoms: Current Healthcare Struggles

    Leo Panitch and Colin Leys have just brought out the 2010 annual volume of the Socialist Register, Morbid Symptoms: Health Under Capitalism, published by Merlin Press in London, Monthly Review Press in the U.S. and Fernwood Books in Canada. The book provides a path-breaking assessment of health under capitalism, providing a systematic account of the … Keep reading »