Has the Giant Awoken?

Understanding the Mass Protest Movement in Brazil with three Brazilian activists: Rubem Silva, Mariana Faraz Duarte and Samia Bomfim. Watch video »

Toronto — 11 July 2013.

Understanding the Mass Protest Movement in Brazil

Brazil is currently witnessing the largest mass protests to hit the country in over 20 years. Originally organized by the Free Fare Movement (MPL) in Sao Paulo against a planned 10 cent public transit fare hike, the protests quickly spread to Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, and other major cities across the country. At its peak, over 1 million people in over 100 Brazilian cities took to the streets to protest a long list of grievances ranging from political corruption to human rights abuses and World Cup spending.

Who exactly are the protesters taking to the streets? What are the root grievances they want addressed? Why has Brazil erupted now? For critical insights into all of these questions and more, join us for a public forum with three Brazilian activists (Rubem Silva, Mariana Faraz Duarte and Samia Bomfim) who share their perspectives about this exciting moment in Brazilian history.

Moderated by Ali Mustafa.